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I love those upside down question marks.  I think i will use them throughout my travels.  Ok, well, a new trip, a new blog site, which is free, but the annoying thing is that this one doesn´t have my list of people, nor does it have that auto-email option that is so convienent...so all of you will have to actually check the blog from time to time.  I´m not even sure, actually, how I´m going to let everyone know about the change at all--maybe it´ll be better this way anyhow.  Well, I´m in San Jose, and I´ve ranted and rambled and I guess I should get down to some travel writing.  Here we go, it actually begins now.

I am going to borrow an observation from Paul Theroux, the famed travel writer, that travel writing always seems to start at the most unlikley place: The Middle.  ´it was a frosty day in northern greenland, and my hotel didn´t have any hot water´ or ´they never seem to have the flavour of pringles in asia which i like´or ´have you ever noticed how annoying backpackers are with all of their gear and positive attitudes´

I am going to, then, rather than start in San Jose, start with my night last night.  I am probably not really a traveller, as I usually don´t actually enjoy travelling.   It´s not that I don´t enojy parts of the trips, and it´s not even that i don´t enjoy those parts enough to make it worth while to keep doing this to myself, but rather that travelling, for me, is full of intense ups and downs, about which, while I´m laying in my bed after 5 days off of work, I am wondering about the ratio between, and if the trip is actually worth my grief.  Now, I can tell you that after a day of getting yelled at by bosses and customers, and, on top of that an additional 3 hours of serving drinks to drunken Portugese men, the downs are looking, actually, rather up.  But here I am, in bed, wondering what I have forgotten, wondering how bad the crime is, wondering how the language barrier will be, the only thing keeping me from saying ´fuck it´is the 800 dollars I spent on the ticket, and the fact that my boss would almost surely find out that I am not in Central America, but, rather, at home and would call me into work. 

Don´t feel too badly, as all of that disolved the moment I cleared customs.  I mean, i was still wondering about the crime and the language and the chicken busses, but they all seemed worth it, which I guess, is the reason I keep buying these plane tickets and going on these trips, much to the amusement of those who watch me go again and again, most with at most 2 weeks away from home under their belts, and wishing me to ´have fun´a strange thing to wish to someone going to the second poorist country in the western hemisphere (Nicaragua)

Anyhow, so, here I am in San Jose after thrashing around and dammit, I´m being kicked off the internet by a crazed Tico, so i´ll have to leave it at this for today...as no one knows the url of this blog yet, it´s not such a big deal, I guess....

Eric says:
Hey Casey, welcome to TravBuddy! If you want your friends/family to receive email updates when you update your blog, have them hit the "Subscribe" button at the top of your blog page (under your trip summary). Once they subscribe, they'll automatically receive updates whenever you update your blog.
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
tookay says:
Hey Casey Bee, two thumbs up for picking Costa Rica! I'm going to keeping an eye on this-here blog and I look forward to vacationing vicariously through you.

Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
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