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Waiting by the gate in Dubai

Why is it that one tends to forget how long these intercontinental journeys actually take, once back on solid ground? I suppose that in a way it is comparible to giving birth: sheer torture! But that all fades into sweet oblivion when finally laying eyes upon that little wonder… Or in case of long haul travel, that oh so exciting place to go and discover.

I silently curse myself for voluntarily heading to the other side of the world. As smooth sailing it was yesterday, the rougher it is now. Nope, I’m not a fan of Boeing. Forget yesterday’s praise on Emirates. It all comes down to the type of aircraft, baby! This triple seven is just about as comfortable as a can of sardines. No matter which position I fold myself into -not that there’s much to position in the first place – I cannot find my bearings.

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My legs hurt and make me feel like humming “Walking with elephants”.

Yet I try to see it from the bright side. There are no squeeling babies anywhere near and the lady in the window seat next to us is quite friendly and courtly. It could have been so much worse. In another three or so hours we’ll descend into Singapore and give our poor legs a break.

But in the meanwhile I’m trying to spot the L-sticker on the back of this machine. Is this a training craft for flight attendants? Oddly enough they all appear equally clumsy. As if it doesn’t take long enough to be served some water or juice in the first place, we get it spilled all over ourselves while they learn to juggle these glasses on fancy trays.

When a little boy starts throwing up right next to Ils’ aisle seat, I realize that it’s high time to stop all this negativity. Like attracts like… So let’s focuss on the happy times ahead! That’s easier said than done though when an absolutely faul smell penetrates the cabin… Puke and someone’s dietary meal all intertwined.

I guess I will give breakfast a miss. Luckily I had a bite to eat last night at Dubai airport. The Amsterdam flight came in on time, yet it was still quite a bus journey from the aircraft to the terminal. Dubai airport is gigantic! At some point I thought we would actually drive all the way to Singapore!

Upon leaving the aircraft, the sultry evening air feels warm and comforting. 28 degrees Celsius at a quarter past midnight. That’s my kind of temperature! Yet I will remember Dubai as being freezing cold. The airco is on max litteraly everywhere. The airport’s clean and convenient and its security check a breeze. Yet I wonder if I’ve seen a single Emiraty among the staff? Lot’s of Asian people: Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and similar… But local? I doubt…

There are plenty of locals among the passengers though; in their traditional long robed costumes. I joke that as it is way past midnight now, it’s perfectly okay to hover about in a night gown ;-) Yeah, my jokes aren’t always politically correct…. I appologize beforehand for any offence taken… Yet that won’t stop me from cracking them ;-)

With one and a half hour to kill, a midnight snack seemed like a welcome break and we got ourselves sorted at Burger King. How overly baked fries and muchy chicken fingers make the ideal comfort food on the road.

The promotional videos and billboards about Dubai suddenly look really appealing and I regret we couldn’t squeeze in a short stopover in the UAE. Ah well, that’s another good reason to return one day.

And right now… It’s Singapore to get all excited about. High time to blink my sleep drunk eyes and read up on how to make our way into town. We’re less than two hours from touch down now. Singapore, here we come!

gingerbatik says:
at least you survive the long flight:)
Posted on: Jan 02, 2015
WalterC says:
Very true, and will still complain about each time. :)
Posted on: Jan 01, 2015
sweettangerine says:
And yet we happily go through it, time and again...
Posted on: Dec 30, 2014
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Waiting by the gate in Dubai
Waiting by the gate in Dubai
Smart stuff
Smart stuff
photo by: vances