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    I decided to be a hard core tourist and went to as many hot spots as possible, a common decision byeveryone as I soon found out.  After a delicious breakfast at the globetrotters hostel (which i HIGHLY reccomend)  I took a stroll over the bridge to Trinity College, but this time to see the Book of Kells.  To be honest, I didnät know what the big hoopla was all about but I figured itäd be work seeing....I`m into very old things, especially books.  It was a pretty neat museum that showed you how the monks made colored ink for decorateing the Bible and how they bond the books.  The book of Kells was started by a St. off an island in Scotland I believe and landed in Ireland and had the Bible translated into latin.  I wish I had Eric´s Latin reading ability to see what everything meant...something more close in time , but alas I felt as though the  book was out of some King arthur period filled with mystery and did these people hav ethe patience to dedicated their whole lives to translating and transcribing?  wow!  The end of the tour ended in the Trinity library which was 65 meters in length and held 200,000 of Irelands oldest books.  In 1860, they libraray ceilings had to be raised due to the lack of space. 

Starving by noon, I went  to the campus park, a field really, to eat my lunch and aI met a cool Spanish girl who was studing in Dublin for the summer. We walked over the Stephen Greens park  which reminded me of Central Park in New York.  Very tourisy!  but nice to sit and chill if your legs need rest. 

Refreshed, I decided to take on the national museum which covered mostly the neolitic, iron age era...big into broches then and bog people!  so many people murdered in bogs! 

After walking for an hour in the muesum, I decided to take another break a slighty further park which was much more relaxing and only lightly inhabited by the locals.  there was a little water fall and a few fountains.  I´d recommend it if you want a break from the tourists...

Tranforming back into a tourist, I strolled down Gaffton street in search of postcards and there were lots of street perfromers there, like 3rd promenade in santa monica.
Tired, I went back to the hostel, chatted with a few of the peeps there and off to bed for me!
sephirothgirlie says:
So cool, Gwacie! An ancient book, ooh sounds really cool. It's crazy people spent their life transcribing.

People murdered in bogs?? Any ghost stories over there?

Haha I bet when you met the girl from Spain you were excited to speak Spanish with her?

Sounds so fun+adventurous so far, :)
Posted on: Aug 23, 2007
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