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After spending time with that dumbass stoner Matt, I  just wanted to get away and have fun in the city. After having a conversation with some weird pedofiler who likes hookers in message parlors, me and Nate took a bus to see coronado beach and the hotel. It didn't even dawn on me that all the babes were at the OTHER beaches....instead I ended up wasting my afternoon on a family style like beach (although it kicked the crap out of my beach back home) doing practiclly nothing but getting a shot glass. At least I wasn't with Matt, ughhh I hate him.

We went back to the hostel to rest and since it was friday, I knew this would be the party night in TJ. I only hung out with Matt so he could hook me up with parties. He was broke though and needed money for a trolly ticket. He spent most of his time in the cigar shop which pissed me off. Walking down to the trolly station, we saw a parade that said "come and party with us". That city is awesome!

The trolly was packed but 40 minutes later we were in TJ! We hooked up with a gang of people from New York and tried to find some clubs. Yet again that bastard Matt needed money to get anywhere so I lent him some. I was down to $30 so I just wanted to get smashed.

We stopped by a strip club that was a total waste of my money as it was overpriced and one of the strippers was a man... We left shortly but they wanted to stay so I went to the bar with my favorite babe Roxanne while they stayed there. I got smashed as planned and talked with Roxanne and a guy named Xavier (like X-men!). Nate and Matt came back and they wanted to leave so Nate escorted Matt to the border. A-hole Matt tried to get into a club with a cigar. God I hate him!

Nate persuaded me to have Tequila and I wanted to go to an ATM but couldn't read it but punched in my PIN while people looked nearby. Then I blacked out....not good.....I came to when we got back to the border. I apperently attacked a McDonalds and missed the last trolly. We would have to wait for the next one 4 hours from then.....

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San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300