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After blacking out I pretty muched wonderd around the trolly station like a zombie and too buzzed to do anything. Damn it was hella cold too! I remember people getting arrested for being underage and drunk but they left me alone for some reason. Matt needed to leave early cause his bus left at around 1:30 in the morning. Thank GOD he was gone! He proved to be totaly useless and a complete mooch. The trolly came at 5 in the morning and thank god again cause our flight was at 8am.

The second we got on security asked for our passes but since the day pass I bought was 3 hours old they gave me a ticket which was $128 because I wasn't there in the San Diego court to defend myself. We got back on the trolly cause they pulled us off and got back to SD. We pretty much ran to catch the bus to the airport. Everything seemed fine but my ATM card wasn't working to buy food but I didn't care too much cause I was way to tierd. I slept on the plane all the way back and when I landed I found a message on my phone from Matt saying he missed his bus. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Nate's dad picked us up from SFO airport and even though I tried to sleep, his dad kept trying to talk to me about god but I could barely listen cause I wanted to pass out. I got home and checked out why my card didn't I'm hella dumb. Nate told me that the police chcked me before we came back and one of them blocked Nate from keeping an eye on me. My card got switched.

My bank account was drained thanks to my dumbass self and Matt had my number and he kept calling to hang out... I got my money back eventually and I still had a blast down there! :)

PS Matt still sucks...:)

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San Diego
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