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I woke up pretty damn hung over the next day ready to check out the city. Me and Nate took the bus to the San Diego zoo since it was famous and we had nothing better to do. What really pissed me off was how cold it was for springbreak. I mean come on, it's So Cal! Anyway we took a tour at the zoo with a guy who wanted to basically kill himself by the way he sounded. We were there for a few hours but got really bored and tierd after awhile. I SAW PANDAS!!!!

I pretty much spent some time exploring downtown while Nate was resting. In our room I met a dude named Matt who was a stoner but he was going down to another part of town to meet up with people so we tagged along. I met his friend (don't remember his name) who worked in the porn industry and got chicks and gay guys to do scenes together and was paid to do it. Apparently they get gay guys cause they last longer. We met up with the rest of the people who were a bit younger then us but we went to the movies to see Blades of Fury which was awesome.

It was too late to make it to TJ so Matt hooked up a party for us at SDSU. It was only a few stops away on the trolly . Matt pissed me off though cause he was a douche bag and he lives near me too which really pisses me off. The campus was awesome but the party sucked for me cause it was a frat party and thay don't talk to anybody that isn't one of them. I had a couple of shots and we got out of there. It really made me feel like shit cause I like to party and they didn't really talk.

I made it back to the hostel with the other two slightly buzzed and pissed off. God I fucking hate that Matt kid! I don't get why the drinking age has to be 21 here in the states cause it's total BS!

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San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300