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The snow outside my friends house after the blizzard!

So I came up to see my friend Tree and her baby, Bryanna, after work (I didn't get up here until 2AM)...I picked up a outfit for her daugther in Punxy on groundhogs day for half off that I wanted to give to her...Yay.  I make it up there with wonderful weather...in Pittsburgh there wasn't any snow...and in Erie there was some but not alot and the sky was clear.

But anyways, the next morning I went to go to target and some shops on Peach Street...you know they are such quality.  I went outside and stepped in the snow...figuring my feet would go into it about 3 inches like the night before...nope...I sunk in up above my KNEES!!!!  I went to my car and went into reverse.

digging myself out of a parking lot... I need to get home! Yikes!
..I couldn't move.  Well, I could but only about a foot or two...then my tires just spun and spun.  So, I went forward and tried to back up again...I got a little farther this time but spun and spun again!  After a couple more times of doing this I went back in and told Tree about the issue...well, let's just say, she had to go to work in 4 hours...so we did what any self respecting Erie native would do...we picked up our shovels and started to dig outselves out of the parking lot...well, we had to shovel the whole parking lot to get out.

  In the process we called the landlord to complain about snow not being plowed out and that the snow plower actually plowed in the parking lot...what did he think...no one had to go to work.  So when we're half way done with the shoveling a plow truck came and we waved him down...he said that he was there to help out a car who needed dug out...he said he couldn't help us out...So I called the landlord this time and she said that there was a truck there.  I said that we see him and we talked to him but he said he was there for a stuck car...she then proceeded to tell me (quite rudely) that our cars are our responsibility not theirs.  I then stated that i agree they should be but we have a whole parking lot that needs plowed so we can get our car out...so Tree then went up and asked the guy to help out...he plowed half of it so the tenants could go to work...needless to say I could not go to my shopping experience to my quality shops on Peach and since the child care was shut that day and I couldn't get out because of all the snow I baby sat for one more day!!!

I know I shouldn't have gotten rid of that shovel I used to keep in my car in college...I'll have to remember to bring it next time I come up.

pinchora says:
Gasp... you have never seen snow!!! I love the snow! I would recommend taking a vacation somewhere in the winter where you can see it. May I suggest phoenix, AZ as you can be in 70 degree F weather and then drive a couple hours north to the grand canyon and be in 27 degree weather with snow on the ground (in fact check out my photo's in the grand canyon blog)
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
jwhme51 says:
Oh wow, this is a trip down memory lane. My parents' families were from Meadville, which you (if you are lucky) pass by on the way to Erie. These are dead towns to begin with, and to get snowed in on top of it. Of course now I live in Maine, which could be seen as even more dead, but I won't go there...
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
mellemel8 says:
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
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The snow outside my friends house …
The snow outside my friends house…
digging myself out of a parking lo…
digging myself out of a parking l…
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