what!! we have to go by train?!?!? ugh! yuk!

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somewhere behind this mountain is the Matterhorn

so at about 6 we arrived in Täsch, this is a small village and nobody would know it if there wouldn't be the big parking area for all the cars the tourists have to leave behind to go to Zermatt (Zermatt is car-free). from there is a shuttle-train going every 20minutes to Zermatt.

About 10 minutes before arriving Täsch, Fabian remembered that we have to leave his "baby" - that his car name....mens... - and change it to a seat in the train. hahahaha....he really hates all kinds of public transport so he was almost crying and was aking me if there is no possibility to get an approval to drive till Zermatt. He told me that he has a "ÖV-Allergie" (puplic transport allergy) and his face will turn red and he will get spots.

from Täsch you have to go by train, because zermatt is car-free. hahaha..i'm computer scientist and it is always funny to see this screens in public places ;-)
hahahaha....i was laughing out loud and declared him mad!

but there was another problem. Fabian told me that when it is raining the car lets the water in and everything would get wet. so he want to park in a building, but i remembered that there is no buliding, only a huge area outside...we parked there also 3 years ago. so what can we do...pray for good weather?!?? i saw no other possibility.
but then the big surprise! when we arrived in Täsch we saw that they build a huge building for all the cars! there were also the old parking lots, but Fabian decided to park in the building, only the best for his "baby" ;-D hahahaha

afterwards we went to the train station, bought our tickets and had to wait for the train. while waiting i saw the machine where you can pay for your parking ticket. i was wondering how expensive this will be and went to the machine. i better would not have done it. it is 13.50 CHF per day...damn! thats so expensive! the last time (without the building) it was less than half price! but now it is too late and without telling the price i told Fabian that he will have to pay for the paring ticket when we go home ;-)
than the train came and i tried to expain Fabian the advantages from a train-journey, so i could calm down him a bit, and 15minutes later we arrived in Zermatt.

and now the really crazy thing: when i looked into Fabians face, it really turned a bit red with spots! so is this the proof of the "puplic transport allergy"? that's so strange!

saskiahaering says:
no he's not ;-) in the mountains he was ok. but on monday when we went home...he had it again...thats so strange! but i think this is because he is thinking of it and then he get it....that's psychological
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
lauro says:
wow... i think he's allergic to mountain climate? no?
Posted on: Aug 08, 2007
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somewhere behind this mountain is …
somewhere behind this mountain is…
from Täsch you have to go by trai…
from Täsch you have to go by tra…
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