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i'm lovin it! ;-)

so, after Andermatt everything was fine, no perfect! there was some traffic but still ok and you cant lose your way because there is just more or less one road down the valley. but then came Brig! before leaving Altdorf i did not look on a map where to drive, my memory told me that it is easy along the whole route.

But in Brig suddenly we were confused, i don't know why. was it the McDonals sign? or the fact that Zermatt was not written on the sign? or the fact that 3 street had mor or less the same sings? so we drove in a direction then decided that we are wrong, so we turned back and afer a while we decided again, that this is the wrong, we went to McDonalds to buy something at the DriveIn. then back on the road....and still we don't know which direction... then Fabian remembered that he has a very old map in the car (i think this map was in the age like the car...), doesn't matter! it is enough to find out the direction, and yes, we made it!

so finally on the right road...i tought "nothing can stop us now!"...but then...the next traffic jam! D'oh! This was the moment when i called my cousin to tell her we will arrive one or 2 hours later...

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im lovin it! ;-)
i'm lovin it! ;-)
photo by: kaarevale