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The lamp is uncomfortable to look at because of the red corona

Today I have been a victim of strikes and stupidity. Because Air France pilots are doing a strike (they must sure have good reasons. I want my pilots happy and rested) my plane was gone. But Skyteam had arranged another flight from Amsterdam to Paris via White Airways, a Portuguese airline. It took a while for the plane to arrive, and then it took another while to board, and by the time we left, we were running a delay of 1 hour.

This is not such a problem, normally speaking. I am quite used to delays. But my transit time at Paris also consisted of one hour, exactly. At every step of the boarding process, I saw my transit time being eaten away.

Now, you might say, why go for such a short transit time? If you have experience with delays, why not choose some more time? Unfortunately this was not my decision.

Grey-green Campanile hotel
This was a business flight, and for that I am obliged to use a corporate travel agency who arranges the flight for me. This is where the stupidity comes in. God I hate these agencies. I hate them with a passion. They assured me that there was no flight with more transfer time when the booking took place. Bollocks.

I touched down at the exact same moment that my next flight took off. Next to me sat a man who had no problems with his connections, but who was creepily empathetic with my problem. He felt sorry for me and then heartily cursed Air France with an unexpected intensity. No need to get mad on my behalf, mister.

At the customer service the lady told me that my next flight to Llubljana only went once a day. I could also take another flight with another company that would not be compensated financially, and also meant another transit of an hour in Germany. Or, I could accept a free hotel room at Paris Charles de Gaulle and fly tomorrow. I chose the free hotel room.

I figured that my baggage also missed the connecting flight so I went to the baggage service. But the lady there told me in surprise that my baggage must still be in Amsterdam! No wait, I was too quick. Half an hour later they located my baggage in Paris.

I had a hearty meal from the meal voucher that I had been given, and it took another hour to get from the airport to the airport hotel. Tomorrow would make everything right.

westwind57 says:
Unfortunately everything going through France (train, flights, even road traffic) is frequently enjoying the national French hobby. Air France/KLM lost 300 million on this strike, and finds itself in severe financial trouble. The pilots got paid for the strike days their 40% fixed salary (the other 60% is based on actually made flights). I read on a special French website about strikes, that they now consider to go on another strike, or to start a court case, because they also want the 60% salary paid which they missed for actual flying days... because they themselves decided to go on strike! I hope KLM has a good exit plan, they should never have merged with Air France in the first place, and I know many KLM employees feel that way, even still now...
Posted on: Nov 14, 2014
WalterC says:
Airport strikes suck! I remember one messing up my travel plans when I went to Croatia.
Posted on: Oct 30, 2014
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The lamp is uncomfortable to look …
The lamp is uncomfortable to look…
Grey-green Campanile hotel
Grey-green Campanile hotel
photo by: Sweetski