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Parlament building at night
We travel by train from Ljubljana to Budapest - it's an 8.5 - 9.5 hour train ride!!!  Then we're in Budapest for 4 nights, the longest amount of time we'll stay in one city.  yes, we like to move around a lot.  ;)

Budapest was our first experience in a true hostel.  Until this point, we've been able to stay in nice budget hotels, but Budapest's prices called for a hostel for certain.  We had booked a shared 5-bed room with shared bath (meaning more people than just those in our room would use it).  Fortunately, it was just shared between our room and the triple next door.  All of that is manageable, we can be flexible - but what we weren't expecting was the atmosphere.
The baths were nice and relaxing.
  I had chosen hostels along our trip that were noted as being "quiet" because we're just not party animals (we're old, in our 30's, lol)....what we encountered here was a case of the oldies (us) meets a Real World cast. 

Actually, it was just the guys staying in the adjoining triple room who were a bit Real World-y.  They were quite loud until 1 or 2 in the morning, then went out (blessed peacefulness), only to come back three sheets to the wind at 5:20 in the morning.  Even my earplugs couldn't drown them out, but somehow everyone else in my room (including my dear old husband, whose earplugs seemed to be doing a better job) was able to sleep!!  I got up just before 7 to shower, and finally the guys went to sleep at 7:30.
Bill eating snacks at an outdoor festival.
  Thankfully they checked out that day.  In fairness to that hostel, it wasn't their fault the guys were loud, and I never did ask them to shut up (which admittedly, I absolutely should have done, but I thought they weren't bothering anyone else) and I don't begrudge the hostel this at all....

Our last night that we were staying in the hostel, we spent the whole day fitting in all the things we hadn't done yet - going to one of the Hungarian Baths, the House of Terror, walking Andressy Street.  When we finally got back , exhausted, to the hostel after being gone all day only to find all our stuff unceremoniously on the front couch of the area we were staying in.  Apparently we thought we had a home there another night, and they thought we didn't (a miscommunication, obviously)!!  They apologized profusely and helped us find another place, which was very nice of them since it was 8pm.
View of Parlament building from Buda

We quickly packed all our stuff up, triple-checked to make sure we hadn't left anything behind, and off we went to Budapest Hostel #2, Agape Hostel.  This hostel was more like a budget hotel, and I wish I had found it before we left because that's where we would have stayed - our own double room, with private bath.  Nice & quiet, and not that much more than the "other" place.  If you're wondering why I'm not mentioning the name of place #1, you'd be right in thinking there's a reason - but I would recommend Agape Hostel.  :)

As far as the actual city of Budapest goes, it's lovely but enormous!!  We had a Market Hall just a few blocks from our hostel (that's hostel #1), and we went there for breakfast, snacks, fresh orange juice, lunch, etc.  There's more I need to write about Budapest, but I'll have to come back to it as I think there are people waiting to use the computer here (shared and free).....Thanks for reading my rambling thus far about hostels!!  :P
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Parlament building at night
Parlament building at night
The baths were nice and relaxing.
The baths were nice and relaxing.
Bill eating snacks at an outdoor f…
Bill eating snacks at an outdoor …
View of Parlament building from Bu…
View of Parlament building from B…
Bill walking the town.
Bill walking the town.
Breakfast at the famous Gerbaud co…
Breakfast at the famous Gerbaud c…
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