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When I was in Naxican, I often went to Tema Supermarket.  While not really a supermarket by western standards, Tema was the one place where I could get almost anything -- food, clothes, appliances and booze.  As it was one of the few places in Naxcivan that had prices marked, I went there often.  One of the workers there was a young woman around the age of 19.  She always wanted to helped me with everything.  She spoke a little English but was just a nice person.  When I left Naxcivan, I tried to explain in my special brand of Azenglish that I was moving to Baku.  I do not know if she understood.

Today, I went to speak with some teenagers who are learning English.  I took the Metro to get there.  Unbeknowst to me, but the Tema girl was standing next to me on the subway for several stops and neither one of us noticed until I was getting off.   It was kind of funny.  Actually, I should not be too shock as this is a country of only 8 million.  It is smaller than many "big" cities.

IceTea says:
:) things like this happen to me all the time. I had a crush on that german guy a few years ago, I never saw him and would've avoided it since he dumped me and I met him in Thailand. lol That was just senseless. I think god thought it was funny...
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
sybil says:
it is true that the world is so small. ...or the world is just getting too overpopulated! haha!
Posted on: Dec 03, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
It really is a small small world. Maybe your paths will cross again.
Posted on: Dec 03, 2007
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