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I have come to really hate Lufthansa Airlines.  it has nothing do with their service, but i swear that someone places people in their seats has something against me.  i do not know the reason why.  I always try to be polite and nice when flying, but they always place me next to people most people do not want to sit next to, especially on an 8 hour flight.  From Frankfurt to Chicago i was stuck in the middle seat between two women.  Now, usually this alone would be enough to inspire my demented mind to create something worthy of the fiction found in Penthouse Letters.  The problem was the woman closest to the aisle outweighted me by a good 10kg.  The entire flight right side of my shoulder was covered by her and her elbow was in my abdominal for the entire time I was flying.  Both ladies decided that they had to put their carry-on baggage into the compartment in the seat in front of them, which resulted in two pairs of knees pressed against the outside mine.  I do not like the feeling getting smothered.  I think that I got about 15 minutes of sleep.  i tried to imagine that I was bed and i had a pet St. Bernard wanting to sleep in the same bed, it worked until I got an elbow to the gut or knees slamming into my leg.

I complained to the flight attendants, but it was a sold-out flight so there was not much that they could do. 

Do not get me wrong.  i think that everyone should be able to travel, but i paid for my seat and for a small amount of space on the flight.  if someone is taking up my space then they should pay for some of my flight.  I spent most of the flight standing in the back. 

Getting to Chicago was a relief even with a 6 1/2 hour holdover there.   
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photo by: mahoney