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One of the most confusing yet wonderful things about Baku is that while the women are generally very conservative, they do dress very provocatively.  The mass majority of single women have curfews and do not go to bars or nightclubs.  While Baku can be a very liberal place, there is still a strong undercurrent of Islamic values here.  On the other hand, being part of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan has maintained a fashion sense from its larger northern neighbor.  Someone once explained to me that after WWII, due to so many Soviet men who were killed, the women dressed more provocatively to attract a husband and that ideology just persisted.  I wondered why new fashion trends had not be establish in the past 63 since the end of WWII, but who am I to complain?  In all honesty, I love watching these beautiful dark haired, dark eyed women wearing really tight clothing.  It is great except for the few times I have almost walked slacked-jawwed into a busy street of crazy Azeri drivers, because my eyes and attention were elsewhere.

The problem has been the most recent fashion is wearing very tight shirts with English words on them.  Being someone who really likes to read, I read the shirts.  It just so happens the words are across the woman's breasts, so it makes me look like I am staring at her breasts.  This has caused some problems with boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers, and once the woman herself.  I keep trying to explain, I am just reading the words on the lady's shirt.  That's it!  Just reading and trying to keep my brain active.  I tell them that if it was in Azeri I would probably not even try to read it because I do not know Azeri.  Then I tell them that I like to read, so it is only natural that my eyes would gravitate to an area where there were words, especially words in my native language.  The people usually forgive me because they cannot understand me.  So let this be a lesson to you, ladies, if you do not want me to stare at your chest, do not wear shirts with words in big letters across them.  God...that's a lie.  You could be wearing an oversized burlap sack and I would still stare.

Btw, to my male readers, sorry I do not have any photos.  I am working on that.
Marius1981 says:
Few days ago i went visit my grandma and she was workin around the house.
(should have mentioned first that some time ago i've put some of my old clothes in a box in my grandmas garage as they were too worn or simply didn’t fit me anymore)
So, as I said, I went by my grandmas place and guess what she was wearing? A Kurt Cobain t-shirt. :))
Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
geerbox says:
HAHA, burlap sack, HA!!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
Jopin says:
LOL! We're hot blooded creatures, who can't help but stare at the opposite sex. Gosh, when I was younger, I used to stare at a man's face. These days, my eyes go to his, erm, package first! I can't help it, they just gravitate to what a guy has below his belt!!! Sigh... LOL!!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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photo by: RJawad