While I am Deeply Flattered, I Do Not Want to Go to Jail

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Recently in one of my discussion groups, an older lady came up to me and started talking to me.  i am kind of used to people wanting to talk to me here...well, that is as soon as they realize that I am an American and I have no urge to kill them at that time.  The lady was nice and invited me to dinner.  I like food so I said it would be my pleasure.  It turned out that the lady had alternative motives.  She did not want to feed to me as so much as she wanted me to meet her daughter.  This is typical here for any single guy from the US or Europe here.  For many families, getting an offspring married to a foreigner, especially one from the US or Europe, is considered a major accomplishment.  Funny, I was never a "great catch" until i left the US.  Anyway, our conversation went something like this:

Lady: You marry my daughter!
Me:  Uhhhh...let me meet her first.
Lady: She is beautiful.
Me: I am sure she is.  How old is she?
Lady: 15
Me: (Suddenly getting the same expression as my profile photo with my jaw open) Uhhh...15?  (and repeating the number in Azeri.)
Lady: She is perfect for you.  Will make you happy.
me: (same expression) Uhhh...I am sure she is nice, but you know I am 40? (I was 40 at that time)
Lady: No problem!
Me: But i would go to jail in the US!
Lady: No problem!

I had to explain while I was deeply flattered that she thought so highly of me that she wanted me to marry her daughter, I thought the age difference was too big.  That was what I told her, but in reality it really freaked me out that some families would be willing to give their daughter of almost any age to almost any foreigner. 

Jopin says:
Yeah, you're not considered a cradle snatcher in India either! It's the norm to court and marry a minor in parts of Asia. ;)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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