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Yesterday, there was a knock at the door.  I was expecting that it might be the mailman bringing my order from Amazon.  Instead, there were two middle-aged women dressed appropriately for the frigid weather that Baku has been experiencing recently.  I thought that they might be living in the building somewhere.  They started talking in Azeri, but I told them I did not understand.  They then asked me if i spoke Russia and I told them that unfortunately I did not.

One of the ladied pointed upward and said, "Upstairs."  i thought I might have freaked out too much on my acoustic guitar at weird hours of the day and I might need to cut back on thrashing on the thing as it might be disturbing my neighbors upstairs.  The other lady then said, "Goat."  This puzzled a bit, but I thought perhaps one of my neighbors upstairs might have bought a goat.  Maybe my guitar playing was bothering the goat?  Then she said, "Jebobah."  I thought "Jebobah?  What kind of name is Jebobah for a goat? Must be a special goat if they gave it a name and wanted to tell me about it."  Seeing that the communication gap was too big, the ladies thanked me and left.

I wondered what in the world those two ladies were trying to tell me.  Then it hit me, they weren't trying to tell about a goat by the name of Jebobah who lived upstairs.  They were Jehovah Witnesses.  Gesh, if I knew not knowing the language would scare off Jehovah Witnesses who knocked at my door, i would have learn some obscure language years ago.
Marius1981 says:
yes i had them comin at my door sayin
"have you found jeasus?"
"no is he missing?"
they left
i still wonder why?
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
IceTea says:
haha oh my thx for this. I'll try it out next time.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
Chokk says:
Another great day - lovely story:D
Posted on: Jan 14, 2008
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