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I have recently started teaching English classes to the professors of the Azerbaijan Medical University.  In almost all cultures, teachers do not get paid their worth.  Unlike the US, doctors here are very low paid.  If you decide that you want to teach future doctors here, you are really asking for a life of poverty.  The one thing that I have learned throughout cultures is that doctors do not agree on anything.  if you want to get confused, have several doctors examine you.

I have been suffering from either the flu or allergies for the past few days.  I do not know which because some of my symptoms suggest flu while others suggest allergies.  My students asked me what was wrong with me and i told them.  This set off a huge debate among the 20 doctors in the room what exactly was wrong with me.  This lasted most of the class.  After this heated debate, I have come to the conclusion that I have flergies.  Now, would some please give em a shot?
IceTea says:
lol Flergies.. sounds like something cute
Posted on: Oct 31, 2008
sarahelaine says:
I'm busy trying to date a doctor. I'm a hospital manager. We have some GREAT rows! So I (retrospectively) sympathise. ;)
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
sybil says:
feel better.
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
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