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Weezy the Cat sleeping on his usual spot on the roof.
I have not seen Jack the Blind One-Eyed Cat for a few months.  I hope he is ok.  Recently another cat has been hanging out in the building.  I have dubbed this one Wheezy because he starts weezing evertime someone pets him and he starts purring.  He seems to have taken over for Jack as the social welcoming committee for the building.  I almost always find him sleeping on the roof of a nearby building.

I got some good news today.  The Executive Producer of the show that will host my show on ANS television and some of the higher-ups of the network love the stuff we have shot so far.   I have been thinking about taking things up  another level.  Excuse me while I go professional educator on all of you, but my big problem with the show, thinking about it, is it is too receptive and not interactive enough.  The problem with many methods of teaching a language is the teacher teaches and the student is expected to regurgitate what is taught.  I want to get the kids who watch this program to be entertained but participate somehow in the program, even if it screaming at their television.  I would like to try to do a Sesame Street type show with puppets.  I have created created giant dragons head out of garbage, paper mache and gold spray paint and Punch puppet out of Sculpy clay, but my Punch came out looking more like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Jimmy Durante (it was for third graders in Las Vegas).  I am no Jim Henson (RIP) and supplies are limited here, but I am almost done with a slightly warped sock puppet (I will publish photos when I am done) who I have dubbed Bashful Betty the Thingamajig.  The idea is to make her a character who knows English but is too shy to speak.  Hopefully, I can get the kids watching tv to try to repeat things to get her to talk.

In addition to the puppet and possibly puppets, I would like to do some artwork and have the kids follow along at home.  While I am no Berkeley Breathed, I am not regulated to stick figures either.  I think that if the kids are trying to do what I am doing, they will have a better chance of retaining the language.  I would also like to develop a website that goes along with the show.  Right now, they are merely my ideas, but to quote a line from the Charles Bukowski poem Roll the Dice, "If you are going to try, go all the way or don't even start."
IceTea says:
U have grand ideas :D
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
CrazyLisa says:
I am so looking forward to seeing photos of bashfull Betty. She sounds marvelous. I really do hope your ideas come out perfect!
Posted on: Oct 22, 2007
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Weezy the Cat sleeping on his usua…
Weezy the Cat sleeping on his usu…
photo by: RJawad