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It has been almost a year since that I have been back home and the last time was spent mostly in the hospital watching my father slowly die.  I think that it might be a nice idea for me to write a list of things that I must do and buy for not only you my blog reading public but for myself as well.  So here it goes...

1.  Just breath the clean air of a small town Indiana morning in August.

2.  Visit my father's gravesite for the first time.

3.  Visit my grandmother's gravesite for the first time.

4.  Visit my uncle's gravesite for the first time.

5.  Drink Diet Arizona Green Tea. 

6.  Eat a sandwich on SLICED BREAD!!!!

7.  Spend time with my mom.

8.  Spend time with my siblings.

9.  See the new Batman movie.

10.  Buy all of the reissues of the great Japanese screamo/post-rock greats Envy that was recently released by Temporary Residence Records

11.  Watch baseball and try to get tickets to see the Cubs.

12.  Help mom take care of the house.

13.  Eat real home cooking.

14.  Go to Seattle and see my Army buddy Ian, who is like a brother to me and see his kids who call me "Uncle Ronnie".

15.  But the new Sun Kil Moon CD along with the recent releases of my favorite jazz-meets-pop-meets-progressive-meets-death metal band Between the Buried and Me and the recent release by folkster Rocky Votolato.

16.  Speak English very quickly and have people understand what I am saying.

17.  Buy some books on Chinese as I will need them in Shenyang.

18.  Drink some Sam Adams beer!!!! (They think Miller is a good beer here. UGH!)

19.  Talk about AMERICAN football and know that there is more to it than kicking the ball around.

20.  Just smile and enjoy the moment.

Anything else?

sybil says:
drink budweiser (the anheuser-busch kind and not the budvar kind), before it becomes belgian owned.

drive an american car before it becomes extinct.

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Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
scubagirl76 says:
great list :D
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
Jopin says:
How about visiting places of interest in your hometown that you have yet been to? ;) Or spending a whole day at home with mom doing nothing? ;) I'm just throwing 'em out there!! Have a good last weekend in Azerbaijan!! :D
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
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