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I do not know the reason the why, but I decided to go out and have a few drinks tonight at the Bermuda Club.  I think that it is in part that the Gunel, the really cute bartender always flirts with me.  (Yea, it is always good for the ego that a 20 years old hottie flirts with a 40 year old guy past his prime...strip clubs throughout American are built on a similar concept.) 

I am amazed how one beer turns out to be six for me.  I guess that I am alcoholic because like potato chips, one is never enough.  Nevertheless, I discovered my super-secret mutant power tonight.  It is so special that I am expecting Professor Xavier to call me within the next few days to join his merry band of X-Men.  I was sitting at the bar (my usual spot for all bars and nightclubs) when a bargirl came up, sat down next to me, smiles, put her head down on the bar and promply went to sleep.  Then, I realized that I was in fact a mutant.  How else could I explain the fact that I could so quickly put anyone so bent on getting money to asleep unless I had special chromosomes...that or I am extremely boring?  For the sake of my ego I am claiming mutant powers.

As a side and more serious note, I did discover that Gunel, my favorite bartender of all places in Baku, is an orphan.  While celebrities go to Dharfur and China to adopt children, there are plenty of orphans,who many in the Western world do not know exist, here in Azerbaijan .  I have yet to visit any of the orphanages here because contrary to my external attemptes to present a tough guy image, I am big softie when it comes to kids and animals.  If my landlord would not kill me, I would have adopted about 10 kittens from the streets of Baku during the few months that I have lived here.   I know that if I should happen visit an orphanage here, i would definately bring several kids home with me. 

Trying to talk to Gunel (her English is limited and my Azeri is crap) about being an orphan kind of hit home with me.  I was given up for adoption at birth.  My attempts to find my biological parents have been fruitless, but still, while I have had plenty of problems with my "adopted" parents, I still know that they have cared, loved and worried about me like any parent would.  (Side note:  while I say"adopted" parents, I consider my  "adopted" parents to be my parents and my brother and sister (RIP) that my "adopted" parents had naturally to be my family.  "Love Medicine" by Louise Eldridge is by far the greatest book I have read when it comes to what constitutes to what family actually means.)  I just feel fortunate that even with my extremely bad mutant powers that I was born where I was, that I for whatever reason I was born in the USA where there are an abundant amount of families searching for children and I did not have to spend my life alone like my friend Gunel.  The blessing of living here is knowing how lucky i am, but at the same time the curse is knowing what a self-centered shit I can be.  I cannot imagine going through life totally alone with no family.  Everytime that I think that I am a beacon of strength, there is someone here to show me that I do not know the first thing about strength.  I am one lucky bastard.



IceTea says:
You are such a kind soul. ^^

wrote down the Love Medicine book and will be purchased soon. ^^ I too have a few questions when it comes to that.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
sybil says:
i agree, it has to be mutant powers! ;)

seriously, there is truth in that adage, no man is an island. we are, indeed, very lucky. :D
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
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