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My sister recently forwarded me an article from Yahoo about a planned terrorist attack on the US Embassy and British Council here in Baku.  The first thing that entered my mind was it must not have been that big of a deal as no one from the Embassy told me.  Then again, maybe the Embassy wants me to get kidnapped.  I know that I have the tendency of rubbing many people the wrong way so it might just be karma in action.

The second thing that entered my mind was everyone who knows me personally and who has read this article would be quick to write to me a panic-stricken e-mail of fear that something bad has happened to me.  Unfortunately, the second one was true.  I have been receiving e-mails from far too many people worried about my well-being and I have to write back reassuring everyone that I am OK.  The truth of the matter is I am more worried about crossing the street with the manic Baku drivers on the road (and sometimes on the sidewalk) than I am of a terrorist attack.  In fact I spent over an hour this evening walking home using mostly unlit sidewalk streets and nothing happened!  (I know some people might be disappointed that fact.)

The really sad thing is that I have read the "terrorists" were bent on "wide spread" destruction of "American interest" in Azerbaijan.  How often have we read about terrorists bent on "small scale panic"?  They would not be much of a terrorist if they just wanted to "put a really good scare" into everyone. 

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photo by: RJawad