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With all apologizes to the Clash for the title of this blog.  I have pretty much known for the past few weeks that my contract here is going to expire on June 30.  i have maxed out the number of years for my fellowship and cannot return to this program for another 5.  I have been weighting my options as far as what i should do and where i should go.  All i know is that i will be returning to the US in August to visit.  Between June 30 and my return to the US, i am planning on traveling around Azerbaijan, visiting Georgia and Russia.  I am open for suggestions from anybody.  I am a Teacher with MEd in TESL, finding a job will not be a problem.  One thing everyone should know is i have already been to Hell and they kicked me out.  Here are some of my options i am looking at...

Staying in Azerbaijan -- There is talk that there might be some private funding to keep me here for another year so I can really develop the kid's tv program.

Pros -- I already know this place.  I have a very nice apartment that is very afforable.

Cons -- I already know this place.  I might get run over.

Returning to the US

Pros -- I already know the language, an abundance of Arizona Diet Green Tea, being able to watch American football

Cons -- I lived there for 38 years before i had to just leave.  How long would I be able to stay before having to leave again?  As a teacher I can honestly say the US education system needs a major overhaul.  I do not think I could handle teaching in the US again.

Japan -- to teach

Pros -- It is Japan!  It is the place i have been dreaming about visiting and living there since i was 5.  Incredible history.  Two of my favorite bands (Mono and Envy) are from there.  Godzilla!!!  Kurosawa films!!!  Frickin' Gamera!!! (You know you have to spend some time in any place that gives you a flying fanged space turtle who has flames shooting out of his shell.)

Cons -- Lot of expats already living there.  i like being a little exotic.  Overcrowded.

China -- to teach

Pros -- Cheap to live, good food, friendly people, the history, lots of jobs for a Native English speaker with a pulse.  i have really loved my experiences traveling in China.

Cons -- Low pay, pollution

Hong Kong -- to teach

Pros -- Modern, east meets west, Kowloon, great public transportation, good pay

Cons -- Expensive housing costs, overcrowded

Cambodia -- Volunteer working with either the disabled or orphans for a few months or years.

Pros -- wonderful, nice and kind people, the history , knowing that I am doing something "good" because it is the right thing to do.

Cons -- just seeing the suffering, lower health standards, I still have student loans to pay off.

El Salvador or some other Central American or South American -- The plan is to perhaps volunteer.  The reason for El Salvador is I worked on a project in the Army that caused a lot of suffering there.  It is something that has bothered me for a long time and it might be time to make amends.

I open to everyone suggestions and comments.  i am just thinking about things tonight
IceTea says:
And gone he is already....
Posted on: Oct 31, 2008
Marius1981 says:
i would say stay for a year or half a year in azerbaijan. i've read a;ll your blog till nowand you seem to enjoy it, at least this is what i sense. so stay a wee bit more and then go to japan. its your dream. follow it!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
Kenul says:
Please stay :)
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
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