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Recently, i was speaking with some of my students about holidays here and in the US.  One of my female students mention she heard about "a crazy American" handing out flowers during International Women's Day and how she thought next year she needs to find the guy to get a flower.  She was a little shocked to find out that the "crazy American" was actually her teacher.  (you can read about my exploits here here)  I am glad to know that many people here see me now as not only "an American" but I have graduated to this grand idea of being "a crazy American."   You would think that the shaved head and the long goatee would give me away.

I did discover though that red carnations like those I gave are used namely in funerals!  Man, I feel really bad about giving thes to those ladies now.  Then again, there have been times where i have went through stretches where I could not a woman's attention even if i ran through a mall naked during the Christmas shopping season and I have had that urge to just scream, "DIE! DIE! DIE!" to any woman i could see.  In an oddly poetic way, this kind of balances things out in an odd sort of way.

WTF Part 3

(You can read WTF Part 1 and 2 here)  I was in the gym again.  I had this great shoulder and leg workout and afterwards once again I hit the showers.  This time I got a shower stall that locked.  Once again, I had a towel, sweaty drawers and clean drawers, marking that the shower was being used.  I had completed the shower, but both pairs of drawers were over the top of the door, slightly above eye level but perfectly visable from the outside.  Someone once again tried to enter the shower and I was beginning to think that this might be some warped Azeri male past-time.  I hurried to dry myself and put on my clean drawers.  I opened the door to see the guy from WTF Part 1, staring back at me.  I am like WTF?  Am i getting stalked?  This is getting to be a little freaky.  And the thing is there are two other shower stalls that were available BOTH TIMES!!!  I might have to start taking mace with me I take a shower in the gym. 

I might have to go to that club tonight to see if the "I am going to send you to Hell" guy is out tonight too.  I have the feeling that Allen Funt's ghost has had a camera on me recently.  
sheba124 says:
Lmao.... I guess he liked what he saw the first time.. hey look you're not the only one that attracts the strange ones. I must have a stamp on my head that says "psycho weirdo freaks welcome".
I don't have the urge to scream to men die die die, but instead "you asshole, you asshole, you asshole".
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
Jopin says:
Then again, it could be that aloofness that is causing you to not capture anyone's attention (though being the freak that I am, I'm like a moth to a fire when it comes to being attracted to aloof men!) ... :P
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
Jopin says:
LMAO!! Poor baby. Maybe you are being stalked by that guy, who... err... has a thing for bald, bearded, crazy Americans, no?? :P
And I'm truly surprised that you can't capture a woman's interest. You've certainly captured mine!! :P Then again, I've always had a crush on you (it must be the aloof, bad boy thing you seem to have goin!)
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
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