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Karma Coming to Get Me (WTF moment of the month Part 1)

Most of my regular readers know that I love going to the gym.  While I am far from being a pretty boy bodybuilder, weightlifting is an intense passion of mine.  I have been going to the Olympic Star Gym which is much better overall gym than Best Gym.   One of the things that I like about the OSG is that there are private showers with doors that close, which was something that Best Gym did not have, but these doors do not always lock.  I was taking a shower in one such stall the other day when some guy walks in.  The guy looked at me and said something in Azeri, walked out and then shut the door.  Call me silly, call me crazy, but I thought the towel, the sweaty underwear and the clean underwear draped over the door along with the running water was a sure give away that someone was using that shower.  It was definitely a WTF moment.

I am ok with whatever lifestyle choices you may have.  Frankly, I do not care what two or more consenting adults do behind closed doors.  As long as no one gets hurt, it is frankly no business of mine.  Life is too short to not be happy and in this life we are only responsible for our own.  BUT I have never been in the mood for any announced or unannounced man-on-man lovin'.  It is not my thing and the fact that some guy just walked into my shower kind of creeped me out.  Then it dawned on me, this might be karma paying me back for all of the time I have stared, ogled, made googly eyes, etc. at women's anatomy, but that is kind of like asking a cat not to purr.  It is just my nature, but me doing so all of the time has kind of built up the cosmic forces against me.  Still, it was a pretty weird.

Crazy Drunk Guy Who Wasn't Me (WTF Moment Part 2)

A friend and I went out for a few drinks last night.  I was walking around the club when two bargirls approached me.  I tried to use my patented approach of asking them to buy me a drink before they could ask me to buy them a drink.   Suddenly this weird guy came up and started to talk to  them and he kind of pucked me aside.  I thought he might be the ladies' professional manager, so I walked back to the bar where my friend was.  Instead this guy follows me and gets in my face.  He says something in Azeri  that I did not understand and my friend translated it.  He told me, "I am going to take you to Hell."
    To which my response was, "I have already been there.  If you have a car and are willing to pay for the gas, I will be more than happy to go again."
    I think that my answer confused him, it might have confused me too.  The guy got in my face more.  I looked at my friend and he had this look of total shock and amusement.  I told the guy to back off.  Then suddenly the guy pulls on goatee with less force than toddler.  This confused me and left me with a "wtf" expression on my face.  The guy was motioning me to hit him and all i could think was this guy was a big idiot.  And besides, when I drink I do not want to fight, I just want to make love...just not with this guy...or any other guy for that matter...well with enough booze anything is possible.  The security came and took him away, but still even today I am scratching my head thinking, "WTF?"
sybil says:
oh wtf. it doesnt really matter wtf you were thinking when you wrote that wtf line because this entry is still f'ing funny.
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
mickeyd302 says:
I do not know wtf I was thinking when I wrote the original line.
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
Jopin says:
It does beg the question,"WTF???" LOL!!!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
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