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I am somewhat glad but at the same time terrified to know that the desire to be on television and the general adoration of those appearing on it are not mutually exclusive to the general American populace.  While I have not be mobbed for autographs (thankfully), I have been having more and more people stop me on the street and say, "Hey, you are on tv!"  This has happened at least five times today.

It is kind of funny to think that my 15 minutes of fame are being spent in a country of around 8 million.  I guess it is better to be a growing fish is a small pond than a small fish in a big pond.  Still, it is better to be a living fish as opposed to a fried fish.  Frankly, i would rather be a platypus than a fish but that is another story.

Funnier still is the fact that former girlfriends are now calling me.  I was dating this Russian girl here for a short time and she dumped me.  She called me last night.  Our conversation was something like this...

Me:   Hello.
Her:   Hi!
Me:   Who is this?
Her:   It is me, darling!
Me:   Uhhhh...
Her:   Don't you remember?  We met at that club and you took me out to dinner.  I am from Russia.
Me:   Ohhhhhhhh!
Her:   Yes.  I miss you!
Me:   But the last time we talked, you told me you would rather stab your eyeballs out then have to look at me ever again.
Her:   Oh, darling, I was joking and that was before you were on tv.
Me:    Uhhh...OK.
Her:   I want to see you again.
Me:   But you saw me on TV.
Her:   (fake laugh) Oh, darling, in person again.
Me:   (long pause) OK, nap time, see you later. (hangs up phone)

It took me a long time to get used to living in Naxcivan and now it is taking me sometime to get used to be a "celebrity".  I just hope all of this "fame" will not become habit forming and enlarge my head.
IceTea says:
I like the fish thought :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
mellemel8 says:
could we say "gouppie" lol
Posted on: Nov 05, 2007
mickeyd302 says:
I have already went through one "Fatal Attraction" here. It was freaky, but I made it through.
Posted on: Nov 04, 2007
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