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Yesterday kicked my Butt

I was eating at home yesterday when I bit into a piece of pasta and the pasta was a little crunchy.  My teeth felt a little weird so i looked at myself in the mirror (not something I like doing).  Sure enough,  part of my front tooth was chipped.  it is not that bad, no nerve exposure, but the jaggedness is bothering me.  if I was not doing this tv show, i would probably have left it alone.  I decided that I was going to go to the gym and I ripped my pants, the last pair of decent Levi's I have! I put on one of less decent Levi's and made it to the gym.  they gave me the locker no. 13.  Hmmmm...kind of a sign of the day.  When i was walking home, i went through Fountain Square.  In Fountain Square, there are people who rent out small driveable kid cars to parents who want to teach their children how to run into pedestrians.  One such child ran into my almost but not quite healed sparined ankle.  i should have stayed at home.

Where Do You Put Your Money?

Recently here in the forums, someone asked where do you put your money when traveling.  i think for guys, we should put our large bills in our crotch.  First, it will make us look bigger and if you are like me, you need all the help you can get.  Second, it would give us the perfect excuse to grab our crotches in public.  We could just say, "Hey! I need to make sure my money is still here!"  Which, thinking about it, would make us sound like we are really confident, but would probably really confuse everyone around us.  Third, it would be the last place most people would be willing to look.  Let's face it, most of us do not look like Brad Pitt so the chances of a random stranger coming and grabbing our crotch is extremely rare.  Plus, if you are like me, you could tell someone where you are hiding your money and it would be enough for a would-be pickpocket to get on the life of the straight and narrow.  It really would.

Pavlov's Dog was Smarter

I wrote this on another blog that i have and will soon be terminating.  Thought some of my regular readers would enjoy this.

For those who do not know, Pavlov was doing research on dogs.  He noticed that the dogs would start salivating before the food actually arrived when there was a another stimuli that typically arrived before it.  The presence of the stimuli was enough for the desired behavior to take place even without the expected condition.  While most people believe it was a bell was used as the stimuli, Pavlov's notes mentioned many various stimuli used throughout his research. 

For some reason today, i was thinking of my former girlfriend Ivonne.  Maybe it was the shift in temperatures as the past few days felt like Spring was ready to arrive, but today reminded everyone that it was still Winter with a cold arctic wind cutting through everyone.  When she and i were together, she like many women always tried to get her significant other (aka me) to go showing with her.  Like most men, I do not shop unless it is for automobiles or electronic gear.  For the most part, i know what i want to get so I go to the place where i can get it and I buy it and then I do something else.  Simple.  One time, Ivonne dragged me shopping with her.  I felt like a little kid being dragged to church, knowing that it would take an incredible effort on my part to maintain my consciousness through what could possibly be an entire day of extreme boredom.  I practiced all of my lines before leaving of "Oh, baby, you look wonderful." and "Oh, oh, sweetie, your butt is just incredible in those pants.  You should buy them.  Now!"  and "That outfit is perfect on you!  Let's buy it and leave!"  Those lines did not work and I spent hours trying to act interested.  She decided to reward me by taking me to a lingerie shop and modeling some outfits for me.  Needless to say, I really enjoy this portion of the shopping experience.  i mean what guy would not like to have an attractive and petite latin woman with the curves in the right place model lingerie for them?  very few, i can tell you that.

The next time she asked me to go shopping with her, I put up less resistance but was still did not looking forward to a long day shot shopping.  But she once again returned to the lingerie shop and once again modeled for me.  And I really enjoyed that!  This continued on for several weeks until I became conditioned to associate shopping with her with seeing her wearing lingerie.  Anytime, she asked me to go shopping with her, an inspired and hearty "Yes" burst through my throat and i sped to her house to pick her up so we could go shopping.  Over time, she decreased going to the lingerie shop until after a year, we never went there, but we always went shopping.  And there I was, a modern homosapien version of Pavlov's dog, an Ivonne's dog -- merely thinking that my reward had to be coming soon.  At least Pavlov fed his dog once in awhile.


Ivonne left me for some rich guy.  After four years, I went from being her dog to a rain dog -- after spending so much careful attention in marking my territory, a storm came and left me standing and watching from a doorway, wondering where in the hell it all went wrong.

IceTea says:
lmao, really Ronnie you got ideas. I think I'd beat you up if you tried to take some money out haha..

On the other hand women often put their money in their bras. It's just convenient if u a) wear a dress and have no trouser pockets and b) if you can't be bothered running around with a bag.

Still not the same...

And about Yvonne... *rolling eyes* guys...
Posted on: Oct 31, 2008
Marius1981 says:
man i thought pavlov was using a lamp
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
sybil says:
hey ronnie - remind me never to exchange money with you.... ;)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
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