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I received a call this week from the Heydar Aliev Foundation.  Heydar Aliev was the founding father of modern Azerbaijan.  This foundation is established in his memory and attempts to improve the lives of Azerbaijani people everywhere.  The foundation has created a film detailing their work.  i am not for sure where it will be played, but if it is like any of the other state sponsored films it will be played during national cultural events. 

Initially, i was asked to edit the English version of the script.  Later, i was asked to do the English voice over for the film.  I accepted for both.  I went with a representative from the foundation to Lider TV, where I was in a little sound proof room and my voice was recorded reading the script.  It was weird doing it.  The first time i started reading it, i was told I was too expressive.  We redid it and i read it in a monotone voice.  They thought that was not too good, so then they wanted me to do it the first way i read it.  It was actualy very fun.  It was neat to see how the voice editing process was done. 

i thought i was done, but i got word today that the head of the foundation so liked my voice that they want me to do some other projects as well.  Like most people, i cannot stand to hear my own voice but i am starting to get used to hearing mine.  It is kind of weird.  Since coming to Baku, i have done segments on a national children's television show, done voice recordings for the Azerbaijani Carpet and People's Applied Arts Museum and now done a voice over for a film.  When people think of an American English voice, they will think of me.  God, that is a scary thought.  When i move to China, I better shoot for a role in a film...that has to be the logical next step.

I Am Not Not All That

I told some of my students that I wll be moving to China in September.   Before the decision to move to China, my students described as "wonderful", "fantastic", "great", etc.  Once i decided to move, i was described as "mean", "cruel" and "selfish".  I do not know if they know how difficult it will be for me to leave this place.  I have called Azerbaijan home for two years and while there are things that drive me crazy here, it is still a place that has found a special place within me and has changed me in some ways.  When someone lives from one place to the next, they might find there is this constant battle between the urge of finding a place to call home permanently and the urge to find the next adventure.  Those longings are equal within me.  Just because i have decided to leave does not mean the place i called home is lacking in value, it is merely saying there is something i am searching for I have not found there.  I am sure that once I find what I am looking for, I will know it, but right now i am not for sure about it myself. 

This Only Happens When I Plan to Leave

The thing that I have noticed throughout my nomadic life is that I have always met great people when I was planning on leaving whatever place I had called home for that time.  I do not know the reaon for this phenomenon.  Part of me gets upset because maybe if i would have met that person before the urge to leave struck me, i might not have that urge to leave, although that is very debatable.  Another part of me tries to rationalize everything by saying that the reason for this happening is because knowing that I am leaving I act more like myself and people are actually more attracted to people who are being true to themselves.  I do not know, but I do know my friend Aysel is a wonderful woman who I just enjoy being around.  Sometimes it is best to just enjoy someone's company while it is there, because before you know, it will be gone.  Still, i wish i would have met her months ago when i first came to this city.
Kenul says:
A moviestar in China sounds cool! You seem to be quite big judging by your default pic, so I guess you would make a perfect giant for the chinese movie industry ;) And taking into consideration your love for hot petite asian women, oh man, you'd be in heaven!
Posted on: May 10, 2008
geerbox says:
That's cool about the voice overs, so can you tell people you're a moviestar? haha
I have never looked at the perspective you just wrote about....being more attractive because you are acting more like yourself before leaving. That could explain some things for me on a local level, but only a select few know my true thoughts and plans of leaving, none from where I live. So they are seeing more of the real me, not realizing why.....and then I blow them off, hahaha.
Well, that wraps up physiology for the day, Thanks Ronnie!
Posted on: May 04, 2008
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