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Baku has been a madhouse with traffic worse than usual the final days before New Years.  My legs are still hurting from all of the hiking that I did in Jordan and I really have not went out too much since coming back.  I decide to go to the Bermuda Club because it is close to where I live and I know the bartender -- she is cute.

Walking along the street to get to the club, the traffic is thicker than it is during the work-week with cars and vans bumper to bumper and drivers insisting on honking their horns for anything they may consider to be an insult in someway to themselves.  Redlights and green lights do not mean that much tonight and most drivers ignore them.   I do not trust any driver in Baku and I am extra careful crossing the street.

I get to the club and this little place where the most patrons I have ever seen confined within its walls was about 20 has about 70 at the time.  Being a regular there, I am able to get a seat close to the bar.  I start ordering Efes.  The price is one manat more than usual for tonight.  I suddenly become a line of poetry from a Charles Bukowski poem or maybe a line from a Tom Waits' song as I scan the denizens of the bar.  We all look like lost souls and there is something beautifully vacant about getting drunk at a bar where most people cannot understand what I say.  The music is too loud and I have Waxwing's remake of New Year's Day running through my head.  A bargirl with a body that could launch a thousand ships and a face where the captains would find a way to get lost at sea tells me that she loves me and i should give her $50 so she can spend the night with me.  I lie and tell her that I am so damn good she will have to give $100 for the pleasure.  Needless to say, she finds someone else to hang on.  I continue to drink Efes and Gunel, the bartender, convinces me to buy some B-52s.  We do a few shots and I do not feel much of anything.

I quickly get bored with the euro-trash-disco the club has decided to play for the evening and decide to watch the idiot-tube.  Today is the International Azerbaijani Soldalitary Day, the President, Ilham Aliev, is speaking on the television.  Even if the volume was cranked I could not hear him.  Gunel changes the channel.  There is this Azeri puzzel show with a really cute girl who hosts it.  She kind of hyper and more entertaining than watching the people on the dance floor.  The New Year is here.  I continue to drink until boredom.  I yawn and go home.  Traffic is still terrible as I cross the street 2am.   I find my home and go to sleep.
Marius1981 says:
by the way, i'm listenin to tom waits right now
"god's away on business" :)
man you need to come to transylvania one day and take you on a pub tour.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
IceTea says:
I was going to say that too. :D really a nice phrase.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
sybil says:
oh i want to be clear... i love that quote below!!! :D
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
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photo by: RJawad