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This is how Comic Life can make photos look like a comic book. Oh, and these are all photos of Baku too.
In the most recent develop of my stardom in Azerbaijan, I was told the tv show that I was working on was ready to begin shooting.  This was a mixed blessing.  Earlier in the year, developing scripts for the show took up most of my time and energy, but after I had a feeling that this project would fall through, I quit working on them.  I had completed 12 of the 20 episodes.  Those other eight might have killed me.  I started working on them again this week, but today I was told the program would have been too expensive to produce so the tv show was scrapped.  Actually, I am not too disappointed as some of the other people who had a greater authority on the show shot down some of my great ideas.  And besides they wanted me to dance and I only think I can dance when I have had too much too drink and in reality having a drunk guy on tv trying to dance might not be the best in educational children's television unless it is educate children on how stupid they would look dancing while being drunk.  Then, it might be a great idea.  Additionally, they wanted me to sing.  No one on this site has ever had the grand displeasure of hearing me sing, but lets just say that if Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Ozzy Osbourne had a love child and it got really drunk and smoked like 10 cartons of cigarettes and sang with marbles its mouth while someone kicked it in the crotch repeatedly, it would still sound better than me singing. 

On the other hand, the good news is that they want to publish some of the stories I have rewritten (like the story of Little Red Riding Hood, which i made into a rap song...I rap better than i sing althought I am no Gil Scott-Heron) and have a CD accompanying the story.  Right now i am trying to get the approval to make things into a comic book using Comic Life, a program that came with my Mac.  What I will do is shoot the story with my DSLR and then put it into Comic Life and then add the words.  i talked with some college students who participate in a discussion group with me and many of them want to work on this project.  I am just trying to see how many many pages I have to work with before writing more stories.  This is actually really good news.

Actually, thinking about it, i should create a superhero...a Captain Azerbaijan!  To signal him you would have blow a car horn, because no one here ever honks their car horn!  While being big and strong, he would lose energy after an hour or so because he smokes too many cigarettes.  Ok, bad idea, but creating a superhero would be cool.


In my discussion group last week, i told the students that if they wanted to bring me some food they could.  i had some students who not only brought me food, but also postcards of Baku, a frig magnet of Baku, an Azerbaijan pen and keychain set and they gave it all to me in a Baku bag.  It was very nice. 
Jopin says:
How sweet! Is this some kind of farewell thingamajig that you got going... gettin the kids to bring you food and such?? ;)
Posted on: May 15, 2008
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This is how Comic Life can make ph…
This is how Comic Life can make p…
photo by: RJawad