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Well, today is my last full day in Baku, Azerbaijan this time.  i hope to come back and there is a possibility that i will.  time will tell.

Unfortunately, I got an e-mail from my new job saying that they needed a bunch of paperwork done by the end of today.  The problem was they wanted the forms in a .jpg format and I gave my scanner away yesterday.  I spent most of the day getting those forms completed, including getting a medical exam, and spending it to them.  I really wish I would have spent the day walking around just looking at Baku.

Simple Truths

If you are going to move internationally, it is best to do so in the winter.  The reason is you can wear a lot of your big and bulky winter clothing and that will leave more room for other things and your bags will not weight so much either.  Next time I will plan to move in the winter.

I have packed and repacked my suitcases several times.  I keep getting rid of more and more stuff, yet still I have three suitcases almost completely filled.  My third suitcase is housing two carpets, one is a friend's who bought it but did not get a certificate to export it out of the country.  I helped him out by getting the certificate and taking it with me, BUT it is taking a lot of space in the third bag.   Next time if I am living here and someone buys a carpet, I am going to kick them in the butt if they do not get the certificate especially if I tell them they have to get one.

I had to give away one of my prized winter coats that I bought in Nakhchivan.  I gave it to the girl who works in the market close to where i live.  She was an informal Azeri teacher for me.   Also considering that fact that most of the people here working in markets make only about $150-$200 a month, giving her the coat seemed like the thing to do.  This coat was a 3/4 length coat lined with rabbit fur.  It made me wonder why rabbit fur was cheaper than fox.  I mean a fox is much bigger and you only need to bag one or two foxes to make a coat, on the other hand you had to slaughter a lot more bunnies to get the same coat .  And this begs the question, why do people not slaughter more chipmunks?  Now that that would a lot of chipmunks to make a coat and the skill in skinning them would require fine motor skills of the utmost. 

My flight tomorrow has a connection in Heathrow.  i am worried as I only have a two hour holdover there that either my bags, myself or both my bags and I will miss the connection to Chicago.  I complained to the travel agent for Georgetown responsible for the flight and all i got was it was a legal connection.  I have a feeling I will finally get to see a very small portion of London tomorrow as my butt will be stuck in Heathrow for longer than my holdover.

I need a nap before completing packing, completing cleaning and going out for one last beed in Baku.
sheba124 says:
Ughhhhhhhhh those poor bunnies made into a coat.... how sad.....
Now I don't feel so bad about the extra stuff I brought back with me from Turkey. I was glad though that the airlines didn't charge me for the extra bag I had to check in since they said it really wasn't that big. It was a carrying case/bag for a sword. I brought my son a sword from Turkey.
Be safe and as azerfriend pointed out I also hope you and your luggage arrive together.
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
azerfriend says:
Good Luck, Ronnie. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic experience in China - what a time to go! I know you've really been a great friend to Scott so Karma prob. has a good friend over there for you. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences. Safe travels -- may you & your luggage all arrive together ;)
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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