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Aysel having fun shopping for furry wool hats!
I had to work at the Azerbaijani Medical University today.  I am currently teaching English to the teachers who teach doctors.  They are a fun group and i am actually enjoying learning more about medicine and health care.  One of the greatest thing about that job is that there are some foreign students taking my class.  I enjoy teaching my Azeri students but it is nice to meet people from other countries as well.  i have several students from Pakistan who have a great command of English.  I also have students from Iran.  Contrary to how the media may try to portray the country, the average person from Iran is wonderful and extremely friendly.  I would love to visit Iran living so close to the country, but the problem with being an American is trying to get into Iran.
She looked better wearing those furry wool hats than I did.
  American citizens are required to be with a tour constantly or to have Iranian residents sponsor their vist.  I am not too big into tours.  I mentioned to my students that i would love to visit Iran someday and they instantly offered to sponsor my visit.   It would be wonderful if I could somehow pull that off before I leave Azerbaijan.

I met Aysel recently.  She wanted to improve her English and i thought to myself that it is a good thing that I know that language a little.  She decided that she was going to take me out to see some of the history of Baku.  Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy my ex-pat friends here, but my real reason for living overseas is getting to know the local people and understanding their culture.
She can cheese cake and stay thin? I think i gained 5 pounds just looking at this picture of the cheese cake and 10 pounds just being in the presence of it.
  I have several friends who are journalists but it is still nice to meet some new people along the way.

Aysel took me to the Old City.  It is a historical area which houses some old mosques along with the Maiden Tower which is the Baku landmark.  We stopped by some shops along the way.  Almost everything in Old City is overpriced because it is the big tourist hangout in Baku.  That is not to say that what is sold there is not high quality, it is just that if you go to the Artist alley close to fountain Square you can find the same things for much less and those merchants are more than willing to drop their price.

We went to Maiden Tower (see my review) and then ventured around some of the carpet merchants in the area.  I was not planning on buying any carpets there but it was nice to look.
I loved these slabs. i also love the pentagram.
  Aysel found some furry lamb hats extremely fascinating.  We were in an area where an old inn used to reside.  There were some remennants on display in a small area.  It kind of reminded me a bit of the ancient remmenants on display in Nakhchivan but only smaller in scope.  We eventually headed to the Nargiz Mall which is attached to the McDonalds (aka the Evil Empire) i Fountain Square.  Aysel asked me if i wanted to eat there and I almost choked on saying no to her.  We went to the third floor of the mall and dined at a little cafe.  I do not remember the name of the place but food was ok and not too expensive.  By 9pm, I had to walk her back to the little bus to take her home.  It seems weird to me that she, being a college graduate, would have a curfew, but this is Azerbaijan.  Things like that should not surprise me at all.
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Aysel having fun shopping for furr…
Aysel having fun shopping for fur…
She looked better wearing those fu…
She looked better wearing those f…
She can cheese cake and stay thin?…
She can cheese cake and stay thin…
I loved these slabs.  i also love …
I loved these slabs. i also love…
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