Graffiti and the Demonic Mannequin Children

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Taggers in Baku really need some serious help.
It has been interesting to see how Baku and Azerbaijan have been changing over the past few years.  When i first came here, you never saw any kids wearing punk-style clothing, but now more are starting to appear.  Additionally more goths, skate punks, and metalheads are starting appear.  It is interesting to see although with this emergence of youth independence there is also a rise in youthful stupidity.  Case in point, graffiti or tagging.  I think that if used properly graffiti as an art can be used to add some color to an otherwise drab area, but if used incorrectly, it can just be an eyesore.  Unfortunately, the graffiti "artists" here in Baku lack both the artistic abilities and correct subject matter to be anything more than wasting spray paint.
Those crazy demonic mannequin at it again! Now they are stringing up innocent mannequin babies as an obvious sacrifice to their demonic god Barney.
  Case in point is the picture.  If you are going to paint some graffiti on a wall, why in the world would you write "Whitney Houston"?  I mean, come on!  If you are trying to scare people, you might want to try Celine Dion or Barry Manilow.  i know those two scare the living buhjezus out of me!  If you are going to advertise, at least get someone with some talent that very few people have heard of like Rocky Votolato.  It makes me wonder what was going through that person's mind.  Something like...I have got a can of spray paint!  What am i going to write on the wall?  Uh...Viva la Resistance!!!  No...i might get into trouble for that.  Uhhh...I love you!  No...people have already been spray painting that in Azeri all over the city.  I need to find something that will let the world know how cool I am.  I know!  I will write Whitney Houston!  YES!!!  How cool is this?  How stoked am I?!?!?!?!  I am such a bad ass!

The Demonic Mannequin Children Strike Again!!!

Down the street from me is this children's clothing store with the scariest mannequins I have ever seen.  They are these kids with bulging eyes and crazy smiles.  They are honestly freaky.  At least in this photo the boy is wearing a hat henceforth making his eyes unvisable.  But the thing is they now have an innocent baby mannequin strung up by a rope in the window!  It looks like that there is going be an innocent mannequin sacrifice some evening.  I keep expecting for sometime for the shopkeep to have the demon children holding knives or swords and blood splattered on the window.  These mannequins are really freaky at 4am after several beers.

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Taggers in Baku really need some s…
Taggers in Baku really need some …
Those crazy demonic mannequin at i…
Those crazy demonic mannequin at …
photo by: RJawad