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Good News/Bad News

Have you ever had a job that you did not like but for some reason you stayed with it much longer than you should have?  One of the places where I work at here in Baku is the Diplomat Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Actually, I should use the past tense, I worked there.   Today, i was told that I was not needed  any longer.  I was not too overly upset with the news, because frankly I did not like working there.  Do not get me wrong, I did like the students and I liked most of the people who worked there, but my classes were seen as an after-thought.  No one was required to attend my classes, so there were many times I had very few students who would show up.
  Other times, my classes were canceled because something else just came up.  It got to be a little disappointing after spending hours working on a lesson to either have my class canceled or to have only two or three students present.  I think the thing that irked me the most was i just spent over $250 on materials for this assignment and now I have no use for them.  In all honesty, right now i am bored and was really looking forward to returning to work.  I have to remind myself that there is really no good or bad luck, it merely is.  I hope that this free time will lead to something better.

The Freezing Process

I have come to several definite conclusions in my life.  One is the harder I try to impress a woman, the greater the chance is she will end up with some guy who needs to take off his pants to count to eleven.
  I no longer complain about this oddity of the universe, I have merely come to accept it.  Another one is the more I try to not to make mistakes the greater chance there is of me making many.  I guess I should try to make mistakes and i might be perfect.  And finally, cold weather follows me.  This would not be so bad if I was really into snowboarding or skiing, but my feet and hands have been frostbitten so cold weather can be a little painful for me.  Looking back, I was living in Florida when it snowed for the first time in 20 years and continued to snow for the next week.  I was in Bellingham, WA when they had the most massive snowfall in 90 years.  I was visiting Indiana and my mom told me that they had not had a blizzard in a long time, two days later little Hartford City was hit by a massive blizzard that made me prolong my stay for 2 weeks.
  I was in Vegas when there was a record snowfall.  And now I am in Baku where everyone has told me "We do not normally get snow like this."  It must be me. 

It snowed most of yesterday.  Today, it seemed like it was going to be nice, but it started snowing again at noon and has continued ever since.  The combination of ice and snow and the many rear wheel drive vehicles have made things a mess here.  I have not seen any snowplows out, but when I was in Nakhchivan, the snowplows were three guys with snowshovels.  Certainly Baku would have more than just three guys.  But have to remember last ear when I did not have heat and was freezing in my little apartment in Nakhchivan.  At least I have heat and running water.  Life is good.
Jopin says:
I love it that you open yourself up like that... its very endearing... and also extremely attractive... ;)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Finaly you added some photos, and nice photos to.
Posted on: Jan 22, 2008
flammick says:
I remember it snowed the winter of 2002 yes, I know I sound like an old man telling storieso of his distant youth!) and the city ground to a halt. It was crazy, as they weren't set up for clearing the snow. The worst thing was that they cleared the streets with bulldozers, which did the job, but they also ripped up half of the road as well. More potholes for you!
Posted on: Jan 11, 2008
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photo by: RJawad