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Unfortunately, my plans to visit Georgia have been canceled/postponed.  There were several reasons for the decision.  First, I have a meeting with the television network and the kids I will be working with on Monday in the afternoon.  I was concerned with getting back in time for the meeting as the train can take up upto 20 hours to return from Tbilisi.  Second, I have a friend visiting from out of the country and wanted to open my home to him while he is here.   Third, I have too much work that has to get done before next week.  And finally and more importantly, i could not find a hotel in Tbilisi that was available for this weekend...or at least any place on-line.  I am sure that Georgia will still be there the next time I have a long weekend.

I received an e-mail about a week ago from a someone who I probably met at some conference and did not remember.  He is a former English Language Fellow (ELF), which is the program I currently work for.  (As a side note, I do not like being called an ELF as I think I am a little too big to be an ELF.  I think that Georgetown University, the place that sponsors this program, would have come up with a better name than ELF to attract more canidates to the program.  I think Educational Mercenaries would be much better.) 

Yesterday, he arrived in Baku and he is like a long lost brother.  He has been working in Afganistan for the past few months for a NGO and has been straddled with a 11pm curfew while being there.  After getting him situation in my apartment, we started bar-hopping and hit many places I have never been to before.  (Reviews will be coming soon.)  Needless to say, he stayed out longer than his curfew in Afganistan would allow.  The beer flowed and generally had a great time.  The only problem for me was getting in after 6am and trying to wake up for work early in the afternoon.  I am beat right now, but more club-hopping is planned for tonight and the weekend.  I wonder if I am going to get my work done?
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