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I think this maybe the coldest I have ever been in my life.  Right now, it is -40 Celcius outside and the temperature in my apartment might be colder.

This is the problem.  I have an electrical heater.  The heating unit element is located outside and the elctricity is cut off every few hours, so the element has frozen.  When I turn it on, I get air conditioning that would be perfect for the summer but sucks in the middle of winter.  Complaining to my landlord has only gotten me "You still have to pay rent."  Jack@$$!

Another problem is to get water, I have to turn on the water pump which enters the water tank, located outside.  There is a little pipe at the base of bathroom floor that water will come out if the tank is too full.  The water tank is frozen water, so the running water makes the ice melt to some extent which causes too much water in the tank which results in a massive flow of water coming out of the pipe.  Thus, I have water all over my apartment.  With the little water I have, I have boiled it to get some heat to flow around in the kitchen.  I have not showered in over a week and my own smell is disgusting.

Ice has formed on the inside of the windows.  The designs look fancy but asthetics be damned, I want to get warm.

I have bought two space heaters which are located in the living room.  The space heaters while nice are only good when the electricity is working.   I am currently sleeping on the couch.  When I go to sleep, I wear 4 pairs of socks on my feet; two sets of pajama bottoms and two sets of sweat pants on my lower body; a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, two pajama tops, a hooded sweat shirt and a sweat shirt for my torso; three pairs of wool gloves on my hands; and two stocking caps on my head.  I sleep with 4 blankets.  I might have to take off a few blankets when the electricty is working, but it still gets really cold when the electricity is turned off.

I think that I have the beginning stages of pneumonia.  My lungs are filling are full of fluids and it is difficult to breath and the walk to the university leaves me out of breath.

On a lighter not, no one sells sleds here.  There is ice and snow everywhere and no one is sledding!  If I come back here for another year, I am getting a sled.  If I am going to freeze I might as well have a little fun.

The university will be closing for sometime starting in January.  No one is sure when classes will begin again.  I am being sent to Baku for a few weeks to do some work there.
MoonStarFarAway says:
I remember the eve we walked around Mumine Hatun Turbesi, was snowing and a bit windy, we didn't care (I didn't care) and kept walking into snow half hour, maybe it was our uniq walking without The park Officer's eyes :) I loved that day.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2008
IceTea says:
My god this sounds bad. But you must've looked fun with all the clothings on! lol
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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