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I have met several people from this site, but today was the first time i actually traveled with one.  I met Eric aka sergionegro a few weeks ago.  He is in Baku working with journalists.  We met for some drinks...well, i drank a few beers, he did not...and talked.  A few days ago he sent me a message and asked if i wanted to get out of town for a day trip.  I had Sunday free for the first time in a long time and thought "Why not?"  Baku has been very nice with warm weather and blue skies.  Plus, my time here is coming to an end so i need to get out and see more of this country while i can. 

We met at 10:30 at the Nizami statue close to fountain Square.  Eric being almost fluent in russian was able to get a cab driver for us at a decent price.  We headed off to Absheron Pennisula.  Absheron is the area right outside of Baku that is home to most of the oil dwelling going on here.  If you listen to some of the people here and i am not talking about those in powerful positions or doing adminstrative work but the working class stiff in the area, you will find a lot of resentment towards oil companies.  Many came, got their oil , made their money and left a mess behind.  Some of the land masses here are virtual graveyards with motionless oil wells as tombstones.  It is easy to see how the locals resent the oil companies as there are very few local people if any who are getting rich off of the oil which they are living on top of.  In fact, most of the local people in the area live in areas that would not be considered adequate for even the poorest of the poor in the Western world.

We hit a few of the must see sights in the areas.  (see my reviews)  Afterwards, Eric, the driver and i went for a traditional Azeri dinner in a traditional Azeri diner with our own room.  It was interesting as Eric was asking the driver many questions in Russian and translating them to me.  In the mid afternoon we return to Baku. 

Overall, i had a good time talking and traveling with Eric even if it was only a day trip, but I might not have had the chance to see the places we saw if he had not called me and asked me to go. 
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