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I have come to one conclusion in my life -- as I have gotten older the more I have become domesticated.  What the fetch is wrong with me?  I am now using frabric softener when I wash my clothes!  Frabric softener!  Just a few months ago it was nothing short of a miracle when I seperated colored clothing from my white clothing.  (I guess you could say I went from being a liberal to a closed-minded conserative when it came to my clothing.)  It wouldn't be half as bad if there was a significant other that forced this changed from wild and crazy bachelor to tame-and whimpy-middle-aged-single-guy, but there is not a significant other so the only logical explanation is that that middle age besets predictability.  I really needed to change that.

As I have had a feeling that my masculinity has been at stake recently, today I went to a boxing match at the local arena.  The main event was a match between Azerbaijani national hero Ali Ismayilov ande Agentinian Alexando Alvares. 

Before any freaks out on me, let me say that all animals love a good fight.  Have you ever seen a house cat, who has never left the comfty confines of the indoors, totally freak out when two other cats get into a fight outside?  Just like all other mammals, humans love a good fight.  Besides, boxing, according to most residents, is Azerbaijani's favorite sport, followed by wrestling (actual wrestling, not professional) and football/soccer.

After completing a workshop for some Azerbaijani English teachers, I ventured to the local arena to get the tickets.  It was a nice little walk.  They were selling tickets for 10-20-and 50 Manats.  I chose a 20 manats seat.

I made it to the event a few hours later.  First, allow me to gripe.  The Arena does NOT have a concession stand!  Do they realize how much money they are losing out on?  Second,  the Eye of the Tiger is by far the most cliched intro music for a  fighter.  If i was a figher, I would used Black Sabbath's Iron Man or Henry Rollins' "I Have Come to Kill You" as my intro music.  Third, there were no ringside seats!  Do they realize that the rich people would pay more for better seats?  Fourth, they would not allow me to take photos of the event!  Crap!  Fifth, I could have done without a set-up which seemed liked it was bought from TNT's Monday Night Nitro.  Whatever happened to boxers just entering the ring and kicking the crap out of each other?

As far as the event, there were six matches -- 3 actual boxing mathces and 3 kick boxing matches.  There were three title fights -- 2 kick boxing and one WBO Latino Championship match.  The other matches were kind of lame.  One was basically two out of shape guys slow dancing with each other.  The title matches were actually good.  The first was a kick boxing match only lasted 2 rounds, but it was the first KO of the night.  The second match went the distance and the Azeri fighter won by decision although I think the crowd might have influenced the judge's score.  Still, those two fighters really went after each other with both fighters getting in a few cheap shots.  The main event was very good.  Ali was the agressor, but Alveres proved to be a good counterpuncher off of the ropes.  In the 9th round, Ali nailed Alveres with a well placed overhand, followed by a few uppercuts and one more overhand right and Ko'd Alveres.  The crowd went crazy and I decided it was time for me to go home.

After everything was said and done, i walked home (over an hour on the back streets of Baku). it felt good to partake in a testosterone induced outpouring,
IceTea says:
Yea I too sometimes need to see that. I saw a box match in Thailand. Somehow part of me thinks it's just senseless but on the other hand... I just grew up with boys I like fights. lol And if not a match a movie's ok too.. like 300. :D haha
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
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