A Depressing Night of Barhopping

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Sundays are the nights I usually go out bar-hopping.  There are just less people out and it is easier sometimes not to have to deal with a lot of people.  Besides, I do not have to be at work until 4pm on Monday, so if I am hungover I usually have more than enough time to recover.

I had a few beers at this one place when I was joined by a bargirl.  This typically happens for any guy who is drinking alone in Baku.  This woman knew a little English and I was not that drunk at the time.  She asked me to buy her a drink and I obliged as it was better than drinking alone.  As she scooted closer to me, I noticed her belly was just a little too big.  Perhaps she liked drinking more than I did.  I used universal sign language to question her about her belly.  First, pointing to her belly and then making a motion of cradling a baby.  She nodded her head yes.  I quickly became digusted with myself, knowing that I just bought a drink for a pregnant woman.

Not to come off as being too self-righteous, but I have spent about nine years of my life working with children with disabilities.  Some of the children I worked with had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).  It always made me wonder what many of those kids could have done with their lives if their mother had not for whatever reason drank booze while they had a child in their womb. 

So I left and went into another club, got a beer and turned towards the dance floor.  And there, I witnessed a woman with two little girls.  The oldest was around seven and the youngest was around four.  This trio was grooving to the music.  I looked at the clock on my cell phone.  It was 1am.  I thought back to my parents and I do not think that I was ever allowed out past midnight even when I was with them.   I glanced around the club and saw only drunk guys aside from the trio of dancing girls.  I downed my beer and returned home.

It just made me wonder what I should have done.  Should have lectured these women in a language that they did not understand?  Should I have called the cops?  The cops would have done nothing aside from accepting a bribe.  Maybe I should have "rescued" the girls just so they could place them in an orphanage?  The more I think about this evening, the more I am unsure if what I feel is the sadness of once again confirming that the world can be a sick place and once again realizing that I cannot save everyone, or the sublime calmness in knowing that every place in the world has things that make it ugly but it is only through this ugliness that beauty is possible. 

Screw it, i will have another beer.
IceTea says:
Really I feel a lump in my throat by reading this. I know those moments when u are just helpless... and all u can do is think think think. And I always end up thinkin the same as u... trying to convince myself by saying that I can't change the world. And that the light has to accompany the dark, so both can be seen.
The last time I had that was in Thailand when I saw an around 10 year old girl at a big market, dressed up, with make up on her face, dancing like a mature woman and singing to beg for money. I really can't breathe in those moments.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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photo by: RJawad