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Multicultural Beer Drinking -- 9 (Russia), Xirdalan (Azerbaijan), and Efes (Turkey)
As it officially my birthday here in Baku and I am *GASP* 41.  I wonder how in the world I got THIS old?  It just seems like yesterday I was chasing around beautiful young women who were in their late teens and early 20s.  Wait...that was yesterday and about 30 minutes ago too.  Old habits die hard. seems just like yesterday I was going into the gym and totally tearing it up and lifting like a madman.  Wait, that was yesterday as well.   Ok, maybe I am not that THAT old because I refuse to subscribe to what some people believe a 41 year old should have done by this time in their life or how I should act.
At least I still have a bottle of vodka left.
  Just for the record, I have never married, I have no children that I know of, I do not own a house, I currently do not own a car and I prefer to take public transportation or walk.    Furthermore, I still look forward to waking up on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons, I still love punk rock and heavy metal music, even though I am a teacher I still think school is boring, and most importantly I still just enjoy having fun and laughing for no reason.  Maybe this is a classic example of arrested development or the Peter Pan Syndrome, but the sooner I start acting my age, the sooner my enjoyment for life will subside.  The way I look at it is that the only difference between 40 and 14 is the “-een” at the end of 14.    

So today, for the readers of my blog, both known and unknown, I will present my musings about growing older.  Feel free to comment; even if you want to write “YOU SUCK”, you may because feedback is feedback.

1. I hate how I am losing the hair on top of my head, but it is growing everywhere else on my body.  Everyday when I take a shower, I usually scream, “There?!?!  How in the world is a hair growing there?!?!  How in the heck did it even get in there?!?!”  I am wondering when I became the Missing Link.  If this continues, if I am lucky enough to hit 80, I will be growing hair on the bottom of my feet.

2. I am at that age where if I have not been there and done that and do not have the urge to go there and do that then chances are I will not and won’t.

3. I really hate it when I have been hitting on some woman for hours and she tells me that I would be perfect for her mom.

4. The 40s, the perfect age where a man can date a woman attending grad school and her mom!

5. Does the oldest person in the world tell the next to oldest person in the world how easy they have it and tells him “Just wait until you get to be my age”?

6. I counted up the number of times I should have died in my life from almost drowning at the age of 4 to get sideswiped by a semi-truck on a mountain pass to my battles with Crohn’s Disease and Gall Bladder Disease and it came to something like 14.  That is not an exact number and I do not feel like trying to count up those rough times.  I am lucky to make it to this age.   Then, again I will probably do something incredibly stupid tonight to risk everything again.  If I was a cat, there would be another cat totally pissed off at me for using up its lives.

7. Most people think that as I have gotten older, suddenly I am more “worldly” and more “mature” and those lines that have started to appear on my face add “character.”  I am sure glad that I have them fooled.

8. After seeing how 12 and 13 year old boys act, it makes me wonder if I was that obnoxious when I was around that age.  And if I was, what stopped my father from killing me?

9. I do not know the reason why younger women are attracted to older men, but I like it!  I do know my social life has been much more active since my late 30s, but that might also be explained by the fact that I am a Yank living in a developing country.

10. When I was younger and thought I knew everything, I knew nothing.  Now, that I am older and realize that I know nothing, I understand a lot more.

I am going to bed as it is 1:34am on offically June 11.  I have a meeting at 10am so i better sleep.  More thoughts are sure to hit me tomorrow.

rotorhead85 says:
As you well know, it's never too late to have a happy childhood! Cheers!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
Jopin says:
Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a blast. And yes, women LOVE older men. I do, personally, especially the greying look as well as the fact that older men seemed better informed about life, having gone thru it and screwed up a lot along the way! ;)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Happy birthday Ronnie, and shit you are far to YOUNG for me. You feel old, but consider the altenative. Have a great day.
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
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Multicultural Beer Drinking -- 9 (…
Multicultural Beer Drinking -- 9 …
At least I still have a bottle of …
At least I still have a bottle of…
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