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Recently, in the past week two different people have asked me the same question and I have been deeply flattered and consider the fact that someone would ask me this question as a huge compliment.  The only compliment that could be bigger would be a supermodel coming up to me and saying, You are so handsome. DO ME! DO ME RIGHT NOW!" (While I am dreaming, i will dream I am rich and powerful too.)  Anyway, I was asked by two guys in the gym who have told me that they use steroids if I was using steroids too.  And the answer is NO!  I have never done steroids.  I always considered it cheating. 

Now, allow me to tell you, fair reader, that in the world of weightlifting and sport there are the natural athletes and the roid boys (and girls for that matter).  While profession sports, the government and the Tour de France has spent millions on testing for steroids, I, yes me, have discovered a simple, effective, non-intrusive and inexpensive method for testing anyone of steroids.  All you have to do is ask "Are you taking steroids?"  While both natural and juice-hound athletes will both deny the use of roids, the all-natural athletes will truly be flattered that all of their hard work and dedication has made other people question if they are clean or not.  They will be downright giddy.  They might even kiss you...maybe even on the lips.  You might get lucky!  On the other hand, if you ask the same question of someone who is actually doing the juice, they will suddenly get angry at your sheer nerve of even thinking about questioning their absolute purity of self-testosterone production.  They will punch you as hard as they can and fly into a massive roid rage.  You will have broken bones.  You might end up in the hospital.  BUT by using this test, you will really know the truth.

Frankly. most people are shocked that I do not do steroids because I show all of the side effects of using them --balding, going off into rages, insomnia, bad acne, small penis and terrible in bed.   Maybe the question should not be  if I am doing steroids, but why I am not doing them because those pre-existing side effects are .    Seriously, most of the people here are more ectomorphic and I lean more towards a mesomophic-endomorphic body type (unfortunately more endo than meso) and that explains why I can do as much or more than the juice hounds here.  Yea, I am a little cocky, but i deserve to be.
sybil says:
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
Jopin says:
LOL!! I sure hope you make plans to visit Malaysia when you start your contract in China... cos I, umm, would like to see for myself what the fuss is about... ;) :P
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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