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As some of my regular readers know i am currently doing some segments for a children's show on ANS Television here in Azerbaijan.  While I enjoy doing the show, recently i have been growing frustrated with the lack of vision from the television station.  Some of the people who work there do not care about quality, they merely want me to go through the motions.  I discussed the matter of creating cartoons and trying to pull off a third-rate third world version of Sesame Street with puppets and all with the embassy.  I did not think anything would come from it.  This past Thursday I got a call and was told that my idea was approved.  While all of this is awesome, there is a downfall.  First, this show is basically my baby.  I am creating the characters, I am writing the scripts, I am learning computer 2D animation (not real animation) and trying to create some cartoons, I am making puppets and i am doing the research on all of these elements.  I have downloaded the trial versions of 2D animation software Tab and ToonBoom.  I like some of the elements of Tab, but it is more for web-based animation, while ToonBoom is for everything.  Second, the embassy wants 30-30 minute programs done by the end of June.  Well, just give me a blue shirt with a big red S on it!  That is a lot, but I am trying my best.  The animation is time consuming and i am far from being a great artist.  Third, some of the places where I am have been assigned for this fellowship are now wanting me to do more.  Between working on the tv show and working at my assigned posts, i am putting in 18 hours days. 

I hope that doing this tv program will be reason enough to extend my contract here for another year.  I think that if I am doing all of this work, I should be here for the glory and notority when the shows are broadcast.  Also a very cool aspect of all this is I now have an excuse to watch cartoons.  I am no longer a 40 year-old loser who still watches cartoons, I am now a 40 year-old loser who is researching (stealing) ideas by watching cartoons.  I will say it has been nice watching old Loony Tunes cartoons.  Robert Clampett was a genius.  I loved the stuff he did with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.  Totally bizarre and wacky.

One of my ideas is to have a "secret special word" where when someone says that word for that episode, everyone freaks out.  I know that there were kid's tv shows in the 60s and 70s that had a similar concept and Pee Wee's Playhouse (go ahead, make a joke) had something similar.  I have also wanted to make my own version of popular children's songs and I promise this time they will not be vulgar.  I was wondering if anyone has ever done a version of Bingo but changed it to Ringo?  Something like...

There was a band who had a drummer
And Ringo was his name-o

I am sure it has already been done, but still it would be a fitting tribute to probably the most influential band of all time.  I am sure that I will have more ideas that will smack me upside the head as the days progress.

After drinking a few Efes, I realize that the first line of the Ringo song should be....

There was a guy who played the drums

Amazng how beer helps me to clarify things.  It would be cool to get someone to play the drums during this song. 

IceTea says:
I hope you will be able to relise what you wanna do cause they are really good ideas. If was there I'd have so much fun helping you out :D especially the cartoon thing. :D
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
Kenul says:
Hi Ronnie. What time is your show being aired? We don't watch tv and in fact our tv even has no antenna. But to watch your show, I'll go and get one :) And when it comes to cartoons, I think everyone likes to watch them.. just not everyone admits it.
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
nsg007 says:
You are an honorable Gentleman! That's all I can say. Selfless and dedicated. I will try and contact you in Baku and buy you a beer just for your hard work!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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