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Today was the first serious snowfall of the season.  It started about 10am and has continued since.  While not quite to the point of being whiteout conditions, it is nevertheless making things a little messy here.  The crazy drivers here are driving worse.  I think that they think snow is just like rain and they can drive very quickly to a stop sign and just stop.  I am surprised that have not been any accidents yet, but it is only about 5pm here so there is still a chance. 

I went to the gym today.  I wore my superwarm coat.  When the snow was heavy, Fountain Square, the center of Baku, was almost empty.  Still, no one was looking where they were going as everyone seemed to be fascinated by the snow.  I had several people run into me, but I  am at the point to where I am used to that.  I made it to the gym and was disappointed that there were that many people who braved the snow to go there.  It was just a little too crowded.  One of the thing that I am still amazed with is the sheer machoism of teenagers in the gym.  Some guys who should not be wearing tanktops even in the summer wearing them in an unheated gym in the middle of winter to show off their muscle.  I hope I was not that stupid when I was younger.  I had a decent lift although my sore hamstring is still bothering me a little. 

On the passage home, the snow had lightened a bit and more people were in Fountain Square.  A lot of teenage/20-something guys with snowballs were mingling around.  I realize that I would be a target for them as my jeans are faded and I am wearing my Indianapolis Colts hat and that in and of itself is enought to notify these lurkers that I am a foreigner here.  I quickly discover why no Azeri has ever played in major league baseball and why cricket is not that big of a sport here -- it is simply because Azeri men cannot throw things well.  Three snowballs aimed at me and all three missed.  The sad thing was the wimps who threw them, threw them from behind me.  Come on!  If you are going to be a he-man-snowball-throwing-studbolt, at least have the intestinal fortitude to face a stranger when you throw a snowball at him.  That way the stranger can laugh at you when you miss him. 

By the time I made it back home, a heavy snowfall started.  The road on the hill outside of my apartment is starting to become a  place of parking for many cars without snowtires or chains.  I am hoping that snow continues for awhile.  It is just kind of nice to stay at home listening to some melancoly music while watching the snow fall down.
IceTea says:
Yea I too have never been good at throwing snowballs. :(

But I'm good with surprising effects. :D
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
sybil says:
you shoulda showed them how to throw a mean snowball! haha!
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
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photo by: RJawad