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Taken from my own memories of the time.

The flight from Indy to Chicago was good but short.  I wish I could say something nice about the rest of the flights.  From Chicago to Frankfurt, i was stuck on Luftansa who placed me next to a pair of a teenage brother and sister.  The boy was in the obvious obxious stage which all males must pass through and some of us still permanently reside, for whenever I tried to go to sleep, the brother  teased his sister and she would practically yell, "STOP IT!"  Maybe she did not yell, but it was loud and shrieky enough that it disturbed the person next to them who was trying to sleep, which was me.  Request to be moved to another section were once again denied by the gustapo flight attendants.  I had a long holdover in Frankfurt.  While I planned to visit Frankfurt, I was too sleepy and the line to get through passport control and customs were too long, so i hung out in the airport watching movies on my laptop.  The flight from Frankfurt to Baku was even less comforting as i was stuck next to a rather large Azeri man on a totally booked flight.  Flying on Luftana has always been a totally miserable experience for me.

Back in Baku, I took a cab to the City Mansion, which is a relatively inexpensive hotel in comparison to most of the hotels in the area.  The embassy had arranged the room.  After all of the holdovers and flights, I had been traveling for close to 36 hours and unable to sleep for any of it.  I thought that my own smell is disgusting and after being crammed together with other human beings in such small places on a flight, I looked forward to taking a shower and stretching out on the bed.  As soon as my head the pillow i was out.

The next morning, I went to Azal Airlines to get my ticket to Naxcivan.  Tickets for domestic flights in Azerbaijan originating in Baku must be bought in a ticket office in downtown Baku.  There is no way to buy tickets at the airport.  Their logic escapes me, but when in Rome...  I had a ticket reserved.  Unfortunately, the idea or the concept of an orderly line is non-existant here and there were various men pushing and pulling to get a plane ticket.  As fate would have it, one of my students was also waiting to get a ticket.  Being better versed in getting up to the front of the line and Azeri than me, he charged to the front and got my ticket.  He asked how my father was doing and we talked briefly before he returned to his battle of getting his ticket.

The City Mansion was kind enough to let me check out late without any additional charges.  The flight from Baku to Naxcivan was crowded as always.  Azal uses some really old aircrafts for their domestic flights.  Judging from the logo on the seatbelts, they bought out the old TWA aircrafts.  I must have been extremely tired because I fell asleep immediately upon taking my seat and I awoke as we were landing.  It was not a long flight but still, me falling asleep while flying is a rarity. 

I returned to my cramped apartment in Naxcivan.  Everything -- my apartment, my view, and the city -- was exactly how i left it.  It was nightfall and I had to send an e-mail to my family to let them know that i had return to azerbaijan ok.  Afterwards i went to sleep.  After the lack of sleep from flying and the lack of sleep of visiting a loved one dying for two weeks, I was incredibly tired.  My terrible bed was comforting and i slept for 12 hours straight, awaking to find the noon day sun shinning directly on my face.
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photo by: mickeyd302