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I made it back to Indiana exhausted and jet-lagged.  I think that might have gotten 30 minutes of sleep total during my over 30 hours of travel.  My aunt and uncle were at the airport to meet me.  It is always weird when you have to return home for a family emergency as sometimes the people who usually pick me up from the airport are not there.  Still, it is good to see my aunt and uncle again.   I know that I should not have favorite family members, but my aunt and uncle are very cool.  My uncle turned me onto Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd and my aunt was into bodybuilding but did it without roids.  

I am given the option of either going to my parents' home to get some rest or go to the hospital to see Dad.  I choose going to the hospital.  He is the reason why I am back and there is no reason in delaying in seeing him. 

It is about an hour and a half to two hour drive from the Indianapolis Airport to Ball Hospital in Muncie.  I talk with my aunt and uncle.  Some of the times I am not for sure  what I am saying with my sleep deprivation and the entire surrealism of being back in Indiana.  Everytime I am back I notice the minute differences and how things were once different.

As we approach the hospital, my aunt calls my mom and she is waiting for us as we arrive.   It is nice to see my mom even under these circumstances.  She tears up and we just talk on our way into his hospital room.  He has a private room.  It is almost like a family reunion there.  My sister, brother, brother-in-law and several other aunts and uncles are there.  My first words to my father are "What the hell did you do yourself?"

He starts tearing up and is shocked that i am home.  I lie and tell him that my contract ended and I will be home for the next two weeks.  After that i have to return to Azerbaijan and move to Baku to start my new position.  It was just the first part which was the lie, the rest was true.  We talk for a bit about how long the flight was and how long I have been awake.  I make the suggestion that when my contract ends next year maybe he, my brother and I should just take a trip together.  It has been a long time since the three of us actually did anything together as I am always living somewhere else.  I remind him that i sold my condo in Las Vegas and I have the cash in the bank waiting to be spent.  I suggest going to either Mexico or Alaska.  Personally, I want to go to Mexico because it would be easier to hire some hot women to wear string bikinis and work as boat hands there.  i get a laugh from everyone even my mom. 

The next few hours I just sit on the little couch in his room trying to take everything in.  My father has never spent a night in the hospital until recently.  I have never seen him ever being so weak.  He is the one insisting that I go and get some sleep.  i leave with my mom and return to my childhood home -- the farm.  Funny, it is not until after you leave that you get to really appreciate what you had at one time.  The farm life was not as bad a I thought it was.  I have the feeling that it will be a weird night of sleep tonight although I feel the force of the Earth's gravitational pull on my entire being. 
sybil says:
hope your dad gets better soon...
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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