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Azerbaijani Idol

The problem with Naxchivan is that there are no English channels, but I am the only native English speaker here so I do not really expect them to build a station and start broadcasting only programs that I like.  Anyway, I was watching television; actually I had the television on while I was writing, as I need some noise to think.  They had this show where there were Azerbaijani singers on it.  All of the singers were lip-syncing their songs.  Sometimes it went from being Solid Gold-ish to a terrible version of the Braby Bunch (you know the scenes, where the Brady kids are performing at some battle of the bands and the music continues to play even though the Bradys’ lips are no longer moving and they are bowing to the adoring crowd).  It was similar to that.   The stage looked like a reject from non-aired episode of the Sonny and Cher Show during the 70s.   There was this older guy in his late 60s.  He was dressed nicely and was holding a bouquet of flowers.   As he tries to keep his lips moving with the songs, he is trying to dance.  I quit writing and watched it.  Part of me was totally amazed that someone somewhere (probably in Baku) thought this was an entertaining program; the other part of me was terrified for the same reason.  I turned off the television and turned on my iTunes.

My Pheromones Must Smell Like Bacon

My soon to be former condo in Las Vegas faced another unit whose owner had a dog.  I do not mind dogs.  In fact I love animals, but I have problems with owners who do not take care of their pets.  At first, this woman had one little dog.  The dog was very quiet and shy.  My neighbor soon got another one.  This one was loud and barked at everything that moved.  It served as a model of how to behave inappropriately for the other dog.  Barking dogs can be a pain for neighbors, especially when the dog owner leaves the pooches on her patio starting at 4:30am. For several years I battled my neighbor on the fact that her dogs incessant barking was making it impossible for me to enjoy my home.  She pretty much ignored me until I started making some phone calls to Animal Control.  Now that I am halfway around the world, one would think that barking dogs would be a thing of the past.  HA!

There are a lot of stray animals here.   I guess that when people get tired of their pets here, they just let them go.  There is a dumpster close to my apartment and there are about ten stray cats that live around the dumpster.  Being a big softie, I feed sardines to the cats, as actual cat food is difficult to find.  The problem arises with the fact that there are several stray dogs that live in a park down the street.  The dogs sometimes come down to the dumpster to battle the cats for the remnants of whatever food is thrown out by the human populace.   After the dogs scare away the cats, then the canines must of course partake in a bow-wow battle royal.  I would not have that much of a problem with it if it were not for the fact that these barking matches usually take place at 4:30am.   So even here, I have some of the same problems as I had in Vegas.  Maybe I was a loud barking dog in a previous life and this is just payback? 

Linguistic Faux Pas

When I first came to Naxchivan I saw many signs for businesses that read “sexi.”  Being an American and male and single, I did not see the I, but merely the sex in the word.  I was thinking, “SWEET!  What a great place!  They advertise it on the street!  I am going to love it here!”

Imagine my disappointment when I entered this so-called “sexi” shop thinking at worse it was a lingerie shop but to find there were no women present, nor were there any bras or panties.  There wasn’t even a badly used copy of Playboy from the 60s.   It was merely a tailor.  To make matters worse the tailor was a dude.  

MoonStarFarAway says:
Remember "Çörek Sexi" ? When I get Nax and saw it, I thought "sexy bread!!" . I took some time to understand that it means "bread shop" :)) Turkish students like to call it "sexy çörek(bread)"
Posted on: Dec 13, 2008
IceTea says:
Do they also pronounce it like sexy? lol
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
Marius1981 says:
aye the same problem with dogs has my grandma. her neighbours are animal lovers and they adopted around 6-7 dogs, made shelters for them in their backyard and they take good care of them. the thing is they bark all they long especially when they see any strangers. its so annoying...
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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