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Today was a day from Hell.  My sleep was like wading in shallow water.  There was only part of me that was asleep even though I could hear everything going on outside of my window. After a few hours of restless sleep, i had to get to the university and explain everything to the Assistant Dean, Dean and Rector.  The problem arose in the fact that I was leaving during the time of finals.  The Assistant Dean (the (damn short man) insisted that my final was not important and that my students could take some other exam.  I argued that they are my students and they would take my exam because I taught them.  I knew this was a ploy by him to receive some money.  Many students bribe to pass an exam.  It is not a problem that exclusive to Nakhchivan but to my understanding it spread throughout the country.  It explains the reason why some students who have taken English for 3 years cannot even ask if they may leave to use the restroom.  I stuck to my guns and the Dean and Rector sided with me.  

I had to meet with my classes and explain that I would be gone for the next few weeks and the reason why.  Many of my students started crying although I remained calm throughout the entire explanation.  Other teachers picked up my classes so I could deal with this ordeal.

I walked back and forth from the university to my apartment several times in attempt to get in touch with travel agents and airlines.  The NSU Office of Foreign Affairs assisted me by letting me use their phone, which had access to international calls, but by noon I had got in touch with anyone.  Afet called and told me that they had a ticket that left early the next day.  It was painfully expensive but in the light of everything I needed to go.  For me to get a ticket to Baku, I had to talk to the Rector.  Everything is very controlled in Nakhchivan.  He made one call and got me on the last flight to Baku.

I had to pack everything.  I packed my suits, just in case.  Several of my students who were soon to graduate from the university came to my apartment and went with me to the airport.  Getting onto a domestic flight in Azerbaijan can be a chaotic experience.  They sure that I got on my plane and I was off to Baku.  Azal airlines uses older jets for their domestic flights.  As the Rector is a member of parliment and made the call for me to get on the flight, i got one of the nice comfortable business seats at the front of the plane.  As they charge foreigners more for domestic flights here, it seemed only fair that i got a bigger seat.

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photo by: mickeyd302