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(This was written at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas, NV on September 4, 2006.  It was an e-mail to family and friends.  The great thing about McCarren is they have free wireless internet.  It might not still be that wayI was deprived of sleep but at the same time very excited when I wrote this.)

I am sitting at the airport with my new MacPro (a great tax write-off).  I did not realize that United charged extra for extra weight in bags for each leg of the flight.  I was told it was a one time fee.  Well, I have another tax write-off.  I slept for about an hour last night.   There was so much that I had to get done and such little time to do it.  I could have used another week, but knowing that I had another week would not necessarily mean that I would not have gotten anymore sleep for my last night of my time in the USA.  I am thankful my friends, who are cleaning and fixing my place for me while I take off for another land, showed up and helped me out.  There were a lot of things that I had to take out of my bags before leaving.  I did not realize that I had accumulated so much crap in my life.  The sad thing about my overweight bags is that most of the stuff will remain in Nakchivan.  But as soon as I get there, my burden of material objects will be theirs.  I am dead tired right now.  My flight for leaving is being delayed by 20 minutes.  It would not be such a big deal if it were not for the fact that I only have 1 hour between flights.  At least I can rest easy knowing that if I missed my flight, United will pay for my hotel room as long as it is mechanical problem.  I hope that I do not snore when I am flying -- there is nothing worse than someone sawing logs on a long flight.  I aso hope that they will show some decent flicks on the flight.  During my flight from JThailand to LA a few years ago, they showed Catwoman.  Catwoman!!!!  They were lucky that I did not freak out and try to jump out of the plane.  That would have been messy.  I brought one of my pillows along.  I know that there is something that I am forgetting, and I know that will probably dream about it while in flight.  It is strange to be leaving not only Las Vegas but my country as well.  It has been a dream that I have had since I saw my first Godzila movie back when I was I was about the 1/6th of the size as I am now.  Granted, Azerbaijan is nothing like Japan or the rest of Asia, but it is a start.  I should have done this years ago.

(This was written a few days after being in Azerbaijan.  It was about the rest of the flight.  Please excuse the shift in verb tenses.)

I got a little sleep on the flight from Vegas to DC.  I sat next to a big redneck from Virginia who own his own demolition company.  He was a nice guy and told me he was a redneck.  In DC, I met up with the other English Fellow, Glen.  He is a retired professor of TESL from Eastern Michigan or Western Michigan.  The flight from DC to Frankfurt was nice.  I sat next to a little young Vietnamese woman from San Jose who was in the Army.  She must of thought it was a comfortable flight because she used my shoulder as a pillow.  Heck, I do not have a line of woman even wanting to talk to me so that was ok by me.  The flight from Germany to Baku was a little uncomfortable.  I sat next to an older Austrian woman with a slight hint of BO.  She also thought her shoulders were broader than mine because her elbow kept hitting my ribcage. We made it into Baku ok and was met by the embassy.  They took us straight to the hotel and I had a nice night of sleep.
MomToscano says:
I can't imagine packing for a trip where you are moving to Azerbaijan; ask Scott about my little venture to Orlando last year and how much I took.
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
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