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Ready to see the world!? Discover new lands & cultures, and share unforgettable memories with us! To start off, a visit to the ancient civilizations & natural wonders of Latin America, then get ready to take in the never-ending beauty of the pacific islands, next venture to the mysterious temples of Asia, and finish up exploring the hidden treasures of Africa! Enjoy! Si vous voulez faire un tour du monde "à l'ancienne", vous êtes au bon endroit! En stop, porte à porte, tente...Bon Voyage!

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September 5th, 2007Baltimore, Maryland
September 6th, 2007Mexico City, Mexico
September 10th, 2007Zacatecas, Mexico
September 12th, 2007Guanajuato, Mexico
September 14th, 2007San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
September 15th, 2007Mexico City, Mexico
September 18th, 2007Puebla, Mexico
September 21st, 2007Oaxaca, Mexico
September 23rd, 2007Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico
September 23rd, 2007Palenque, Mexico
September 27th, 2007Merida, Mexico
September 30th, 2007Cancun, Mexico
October 4th, 2007Corozal Town, Belize
October 6th, 2007Belize City, Belize
October 7th, 2007Belmopan, Belize
October 8th, 2007Flores, Guatemala
October 9th, 2007Tikal, Guatemala
October 10th, 2007Coban, Guatemala
October 10th, 2007Lanquin, Guatemala
October 10th, 2007Semuc, Guatemala
October 12th, 2007Chichicastenango, Guatemala
October 13th, 2007Panajachel, Guatemala
October 15th, 2007Antigua, Guatemala
October 16th, 2007Guatemala City, Guatemala
October 19th, 2007San Salvador, El Salvador
October 23rd, 2007Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras
October 24th, 2007Copan, Honduras
October 25th, 2007La Ceiba, Honduras
October 26th, 2007Utila, Honduras
November 2nd, 2007Tegucigalpa, Honduras
November 7th, 2007Managua, Nicaragua
November 9th, 2007Granada, Nicaragua
November 11th, 2007Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
November 13th, 2007Samara, Costa Rica
November 15th, 2007La Fortuna, Costa Rica
November 16th, 2007San Jose, Costa Rica
November 18th, 2007Paso Real, Costa Rica
November 19th, 2007David, Panama
November 21st, 2007Boquete, Panama
November 22nd, 2007Panama City, Panama
November 28th, 2007Portobelo, Panama
December 1st, 2007Cartagena, Colombia
December 2nd, 2007Barranquilla, Colombia
December 3rd, 2007Santa Marta, Colombia
December 4th, 2007Maracaibo, Venezuela
December 6th, 2007Caracas, Venezuela
December 7th, 2007Merida, Venezuela
December 9th, 2007San Cristobal, Venezuela
December 11th, 2007Cucuta, Colombia
December 11th, 2007Pamplona, Colombia
December 11th, 2007Bucaramanga, Colombia
December 12th, 2007Bogota, Colombia
December 16th, 2007Tulcan, Ecuador
December 16th, 2007Otavalo, Ecuador
December 17th, 2007Quito, Ecuador
December 20th, 2007Babahoyo, Ecuador
December 20th, 2007Guayaquil, Ecuador
December 21st, 2007Aguas Verdes, Peru
December 21st, 2007Tumbes, Peru
December 22nd, 2007Mancora, Peru
December 22nd, 2007Piura, Peru
December 23rd, 2007Lima, Peru
January 2nd, 2008Nazca, Peru
January 3rd, 2008Camana, Peru
January 3rd, 2008Arequipa, Peru
January 5th, 2008Chivay, Peru
January 6th, 2008Juliaca, Peru
January 8th, 2008Cusco, Peru
January 13th, 2008Puno, Peru
January 14th, 2008Copacabana, Bolivia
January 16th, 2008La Paz, Bolivia
January 18th, 2008Cochabamba, Bolivia
January 24th, 2008Sucre, Bolivia
January 27th, 2008Camiri, Bolivia
January 27th, 2008Villamontes, Bolivia
January 28th, 2008Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay
January 29th, 2008Asuncion, Paraguay
February 1st, 2008Colonia Yguazu, Paraguay
February 2nd, 2008Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
February 2nd, 2008Cascavel, Brazil
February 3rd, 2008Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
February 5th, 2008Muriae, Brazil
February 6th, 2008Teofilo Otoni, Brazil
February 7th, 2008Ilheus, Brazil
February 8th, 2008Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
February 23rd, 2008Feira de Santana, Brazil
February 23rd, 2008Itabuna, Brazil
February 24th, 2008Teixeira de Freitas, Brazil
February 25th, 2008Vitoria, Brazil
February 26th, 2008Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil
February 26th, 2008Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 1st, 2008Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 4th, 2008Curitiba, Brazil
March 5th, 2008Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
March 6th, 2008Garupa, Argentina
March 7th, 2008Concordia, Argentina
March 8th, 2008Salto, Uruguay
March 9th, 2008Young, Uruguay
March 10th, 2008Trinidad, Uruguay
March 10th, 2008Montevideo, Uruguay
March 14th, 2008Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
March 15th, 2008Carmelo, Uruguay
March 15th, 2008Nueva Palmira, Uruguay
March 15th, 2008Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 20th, 2008Rosario, Argentina
March 21st, 2008Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
March 24th, 2008Cordoba, Argentina
April 1st, 2008Almafuerte, Argentina
April 2nd, 2008Mendoza, Argentina
April 7th, 2008Santiago, Chile
April 10th, 2008Valparaiso, Chile
April 14th, 2008Los Vilos, Chile
April 14th, 2008La Serena, Chile
April 14th, 2008Taltal, Chile
April 15th, 2008Antofagasta, Chile
April 15th, 2008Calama, Chile
April 15th, 2008San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
April 16th, 2008Calama, Chile
April 16th, 2008Ollague, Chile
April 17th, 2008Uyuni, Bolivia
April 20th, 2008San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
April 21st, 2008Chanaral, Chile
April 22nd, 2008Copiapo, Chile
April 22nd, 2008Vallenar, Chile
April 23rd, 2008Santiago, Chile
May 2nd, 2008Auckland, New Zealand
May 6th, 2008Huntly, New Zealand
May 6th, 2008Hamilton, New Zealand
May 6th, 2008Rotorua, New Zealand
May 9th, 2008Te Puke, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Taupo, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Napier, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Hastings, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Waipukurau, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Dannevirke, New Zealand
May 21st, 2008Palmerston North, New Zealand
May 22nd, 2008Wellington, New Zealand
May 25th, 2008Porirua, New Zealand
May 25th, 2008Bulls, New Zealand
May 25th, 2008Wanganui, New Zealand
May 26th, 2008Patea, New Zealand
May 26th, 2008Hawera, New Zealand
May 26th, 2008New Plymouth, New Zealand
June 1st, 2008Te Kuiti, New Zealand
June 1st, 2008Hamilton, New Zealand
June 2nd, 2008Ngaruawahia, New Zealand
June 2nd, 2008Auckland, New Zealand
June 3rd, 2008Sydney, Australia
June 7th, 2008Woodburn, Australia
June 8th, 2008Gold Coast, Australia
June 10th, 2008Brisbane, Australia
June 13th, 2008Ballina, Australia
June 13th, 2008Yamba, Australia
June 30th, 2008Grafton, Australia
June 30th, 2008Coffs Harbour, Australia
June 30th, 2008Port Macquarie, Australia
June 30th, 2008Newcastle, Australia
June 30th, 2008Canberra, Australia
July 1st, 2008Melbourne, Australia
July 4th, 2008Goulburn, Australia
July 5th, 2008Sydney, Australia
July 8th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 12th, 2008Rawang, Malaysia
July 12th, 2008Butterworth, Malaysia
July 15th, 2008Penang, Malaysia
July 18th, 2008Tanah Rata, Malaysia
July 19th, 2008Sungkai, Malaysia
July 20th, 2008Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 22nd, 2008Singapore
July 25th, 2008Batam, Indonesia
July 26th, 2008Dumai, Indonesia
July 27th, 2008Medan, Indonesia
July 28th, 2008Lhokseumawe, Indonesia
July 29th, 2008Banda Aceh, Indonesia
August 1st, 2008Medan, Indonesia
August 2nd, 2008Butterworth, Malaysia
August 5th, 2008Sadao, Thailand
August 6th, 2008Phatthalung, Thailand
August 7th, 2008Phuket, Thailand
August 10th, 2008Kra Buri, Thailand
August 10th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
August 14th, 2008Nakhon Sawan, Thailand
August 15th, 2008Sukhothai, Thailand
August 15th, 2008Phitsanulok, Thailand
August 16th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
August 18th, 2008Golden Triangle, Thailand
August 19th, 2008Chiang Khong, Thailand
August 19th, 2008Ban Houayxay, Laos
August 20th, 2008Louang Namtha, Laos
August 20th, 2008Muang Xai, Laos
August 21st, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
August 23rd, 2008Vang Viang, Laos
August 23rd, 2008Vientiane, Laos
August 26th, 2008Nong Khai, Thailand
August 26th, 2008Udon Thani, Thailand
August 26th, 2008Khon Kaen, Thailand
August 26th, 2008Roi Et, Thailand
August 26th, 2008Yasothon, Thailand
August 27th, 2008Surin, Thailand
August 27th, 2008O'Smach, Cambodia
August 28th, 2008Samraong, Cambodia
August 28th, 2008Sisophon, Cambodia
August 28th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
August 30th, 2008Pouthisat, Cambodia
August 30th, 2008Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia
August 30th, 2008Odongk, Cambodia
August 30th, 2008Phnom Penh, Cambodia
September 2nd, 2008Moc Bai, Vietnam
September 2nd, 2008Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
September 7th, 2008Nha Trang, Vietnam
September 11th, 2008Hoi An, Vietnam
September 12th, 2008Hue, Vietnam
September 14th, 2008Hanoi, Vietnam
September 20th, 2008Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
September 24th, 2008Sapa, Vietnam
September 25th, 2008Hekou, China
September 26th, 2008Kunming, China
September 27th, 2008Changsha, China
September 27th, 2008Wuhan, China
September 27th, 2008Zhengzhou, China
September 28th, 2008Shijiazhuang, China
September 28th, 2008Beijing, China
October 5th, 2008Jinan, China
October 5th, 2008Nanjing, China
October 6th, 2008Shanghai, China
October 8th, 2008Hangzhou, China
October 9th, 2008Guangzhou, China
October 9th, 2008Hong Kong
October 13th, 2008Dhaka, Bangladesh
October 13th, 2008Kathmandu, Nepal
October 18th, 2008Duman, Nepal
October 19th, 2008Pokhara, Nepal
October 21st, 2008Lumbini, Nepal
October 22nd, 2008Sunauli, Nepal
October 22nd, 2008Gorakhpur, India
October 23rd, 2008Varanasi, India
October 28th, 2008Khajuraho, India
October 30th, 2008Agra, India
October 31st, 2008New Delhi, India
November 13th, 2008Jaipur, India
November 14th, 2008Mumbai, India
November 18th, 2008Colombo, Sri Lanka
November 19th, 2008Paris, France
November 24th, 2008Limoges, France
November 27th, 2008Sarlat-la-Caneda, France
November 29th, 2008Villeneuve Sur Lot, France
January 7th, 2009Baltimore, Maryland