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Yasothon, Thailand - Les amis de May, et oui, c'est un mec en haut, c'est très commun en Thailande

Again, our mission was to cross Thailand to get to Cambodia . . . Remember?!!

The journey was, of course, a memorable one. 

Catching rides worked out beautifully for us, so it’s not hard to believe that we made it to the Cambodian border rather fast. 

So, mission accomplished?!!  YES SIR!!!

But that wasn’t the best part of our adventure back in Thailand.

Yet again, along the way, we met another marvelous individual. 

Gosh, I’m still amazed at the generosity we’ve experienced around the world!!

This time, it’d be a young woman by the name of May, who’d be helping out a couple of tired, poor backpackers.

And she treated us as if we were family, right from the start. Not only was she an amazing person, she had a heart of gold, really!!

Ready for this, not only did she show us a good time that evening with her friends, she also paid for a hotel room for us, since she was unable to provide accommodation for us, at her home.

Yasothon, Thailand - Les Sportives de Thailande
  Now, how great is that?!!  Big heart and so generous!!!

We spent an incredible evening with her and her friends.  Had our first encounter with a lovely Thai Lady-boy . . . confused?!  Use your imagination. 

Up until that point, I really hadn’t paid attention to them.  But actually, these individuals are quite present in Thai society.  Might sound crazy, but Thailand is pretty liberal when it comes to sexuality.  And the folks are free and not shy about it!!  Good for them!

Anyway, after a good night’s sleep, the following day, May rolled back up at the hotel we stayed at to pick us up, ready to grab a bite to eat. 

Nah, her generosity was just too much, so we just had to treat her to lunch . . . it was the least we could do!!

Then afterwards, we were back on the road in direction of Cambodia, with May who was kind enough to go out of her way and get us as far as possible, and onto the best road to continue our journey!!  So a BIG thank you to May!!!!!!!!

And there you have it, pretty much . . . how we crossed Thailand to get to Cambodia!!  ;)

La traversée se passa comme prévu : brève et courte, 2 jours nous suffirent pour atteindre notre objectif.

Une jeune femme May nous prit en stop et sous son aile par la même occasion.

Elle passa toute la soirée en sa compagnie et celle de ses amis. Elle nous paya une nuit d’Hôtel, et nous amena sur la route du Cambodge le lendemain. Merci à toi !

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Yasothon, Thailand - Les amis de M…
Yasothon, Thailand - Les amis de …
Yasothon, Thailand - Les Sportives…
Yasothon, Thailand - Les Sportive…
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