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Sunauli, Nepal - Sunauli in Nepal, Sonauli in India . . . Who knows?!! Anyway, Goodbye Nepal & Hello India!

Already at our final border crossing by land . . . Sunauli, quite a chaotic border-town with not too much excitement to offer, unless you’re into finding yourself in an overly crowded environment!!

The only memory I really have of this place is that there were people everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!!!  So much mayhem in one place is quite disturbing, and the loads of screaming people everywhere didn’t help much.

Not sure how to interpret it all, considering we had just left one of the most Zen countries ever visited during our adventure!! 

We’d soon be in store for a rude awakening in Nepal’s neighbor country, India. 

We literally had to push our way through the crowds of folks and figure out a way of how to get around the cars/trucks that were also taking up the little space available on the road.  Can I even call it a road?  Let’s say street, more so!!

As for our stay in Nepal, overall, it was an incredible, eye-opening experience for both Arnaud and I.  We got our share of jaw-dropping moments.  The beauty of the landscapes were just awesome. 

And the Nepalese, pretty peaceful folk, and gorgeous, both the men and women.  Must be the mix between China and India. 

Oh and the food . . . delicious!!  Our first encounter with Dal Bhat, aka rice and lentils.  And can’t forget those yummy momos, YUM!! 

Up until this point, still fascinated with these specialties . . . will that continue to be the case???  Hmm, we'll see!!

Great tranquil moments spent here in Nepal, the ZENITUDE acquired during our time here can only come in handy for a country like India . . . we’ve heard so many different reactions regarding our upcoming country to be visited, so . . . stay tuned in for our thoughts!! :)

Ready or not India, here we come!!!

Voilà, la dernière frontière que l’on va traverser. J’aurais aussi voulu une photo, mais il n’y avait plus de batterie.

L’Inde, un des plus grand pays du monde, le deuxième le plus peuplé après la Chine.

J’étais très enthousiaste de découvrir ce pays, les indiens que l’on avait rencontrés dans notre voyage avait toujours étaient très gentils.

Je pense bien sur à Guna et sa famille en Malaisie, qui nous ont laissé un souvenir indélébile dans nos cœurs !!

On allait vite déchanter.

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Sunauli, Nepal - Sunauli in Nepal,…
Sunauli, Nepal - Sunauli in Nepal…
photo by: herman_munster